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Xbmc updating movie info

With the added metadata in Movie Library, you can now sort your movie collection by title, genre, year, parental rating, type, and date added.If you click on any of your movie selections, you will get a detailed synopsis of the movie.For this tutorial, however, we’ll be using it to configure media for XBMC.Installing and configuring Ember Media Manager (EMM) is a breeze if you know the right settings to key in.When the process is finished, press any key to close the command window.You should now have each movie contained in it’s own individual folder.

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Remember, we’re setting things up for XBMC, you’ll need to tweak the settings to fit how your media center accesses movie information, thumbnails, and fan art.If you use the Movie Library in Windows 7 Media Center to access and view your movie collection, you know that the interface leaves a little to be desired.Today we are going to show you how you can add movie cover art and metadata in your Movie Library with a program called YAMMM.Time to rescrape again or gamble at exporting and importing the data if your media center software even supports it. On top of waiting for the media collection to scrape you then have to go through and correct the errors all over again.It’s tedious and there’s no reason you should do it.All that’s left now is to click “Play” and enjoy a movie.As you add more movies to your movie folders, will automatically pull metadata and cover art for each folder.Further more nearly every media center stores the data it scrapes locally. If you turf your media center and have to reinstall, all that data has to be rescraped.Install another media center elsewhere in the house?When you use a media manager all that information is stored the movies and television shows.If you add a new media center to your home network all that media center needs to do is read the data from your media shares and load it instead of grinding away for hours rescraping your media.


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