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The Christian patriot, by consequence, can afford to wait; for the persecuted of one generation sometimes become the heroes of that which follows.

Even winds and storms are reputed to make the roots of a tree take a more downward and deeper hold.

The illustrations are mainly taken from Ornamenta and Instruments Eccle- siastica existing and used in the Church of England; while the explanations of pre-Reformation ceremonies, rites, and observances have been selected from English rather than from foreign examples and authorities.

Neither ordi- nary nor extraordinary sources of information have been overlooked ; both Latin and Eastern terms being included in the compilation.

C Irons Gospels (Ancient Book of the) Gremiale of purple silk A.

Lee Altar-Lantern Altar-Taper Altai'-Tomb of Sir John Clerke, St.

Irons b Candlestick Cantoral Staff Cappa Choralis Catafalque Chalice Chasuble.

" Iii truth, a repertory Of quaint words and unknown, culled here and there From ancient scribe, old tome and manuscript ; From church and cloister and from garrulous crone ; Brought forth, with painful lore and curious art, Into the sunshine of the present day." WITH NUMEROUS ILLUSTRATIONS ON WOOD. WY1IAN AND SONS, PHINIEBS, OMIT QUBB.f STBBET, IIHCOLN'S INW FIELDS, LOWDON, ^. TO THE RIGHT REVEREND EDWABD HAEOLD BKOWNE, D, D, LOBD SISHOP OF WINCHESTER, PRELATE OF THE MOST NOBLE ORDER OF THE GARTER, ETC. Edmund Hall, enabled him to provide a vast amount of information and many curious details of ecclesiastical lore, simply for his own information and instruction.

CI)tsi Wa Unite IS, WITH DUTIFUL REGARD, MOST RESPECTFULLY INSCRIBED. The valu- able Libraries of Sir Thomas Bodley, the Oxford Architectural Society, and St.


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