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Www dating on line executive lesbian dating reviews

Modal Heading":"Verify Your Phone","Facebook Phone Verification. Modal Sub Heading":"This will help protect your account and provides you with another way to log in. Your number will not be shared with other Tinder users.","Facebook Phone Verification. Please contact customer service for support.","Error Page.download App":"Download Tinder on the app store:","Error Back To Page Or Login For Web":"Go back to or to Tinder for Web.","Error Page.login":"login","Error Doesnt Exist":"Sorry, the page you’re looking for doesn’t exist.","Error Swiped Left":"This Page Swiped Left","Error Page.something Went Wrong":"Sorry, something went wrong on our end. It's not you - it's us.","Facebook Photo Picker.navigation Arrow":"Navigation arrow","Facebook Photo Albums Available":"No Albums Available","Facebook Photo Picker.waiting For Fb":"Waiting for Facebook to load","Facebook Phone Verification. window.__data={"context":,"intl Messages":{"smartling":,"add":"Add","albums":"Albums","allow":"Allow","already Have Account":"Already have an account? ","back":"Back","bank":"Bank","birthday":"Birthday","boost":"Boost","cancel":"Cancel","checked":"Checked","choose":"Choose","click":"Click","click Here":"Click here","close":"Close","create Account":"Create Account","click Here For Help And Support":" for help and support.","connect":"Connect","contact Us":"Contact Us","continue":"Continue","delete":"Delete","email":"Email","match":"Match","matches":"Matches","changed Phone Number":"Changed your phone number? ","login By Email":"Login by email","login With Email":"Login With Email","trouble Logging In":"Trouble Logging In? ","conversation Starter76":"Say something nice about one of their photos","conversation Starter77":"What made you swipe right?

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","conversation Starter43":"Some things are better left unsaid, but most things aren't.","conversation Starter44":"Where did you swipe right? Please try another email address.","Auth Onboarding.error Emoji":"This field cannot contain emojis.","Auth Onboarding.error Hyperlink":"This field cannot contain hyperlinks.","Auth Onboarding.error Length":"This field must be between - characters.","Auth Onboarding.error Need Alpha":"This field must contain a letter in the alphabet.","Auth Onboarding.error Need Number":"This field must contain a number.","Auth Onboarding.error Number":"This field cannot contain numbers.","Auth Onboarding.error Too Simple":"Your password is too simple.","Auth Onboarding.first Name":"First Name","Auth Onboarding.i Am A":"I am a","Auth Onboarding.month Placeholder":"MM","Auth Best Pic Is":"My best pic is","Auth Birthday Is":"My birthday is","Auth Email Is":"My email is","Auth First Name Is":"My first name is","Auth Password Is":"My password is","Auth Onboarding.password":"Password","Auth Onboarding.password Requirements":"Your password should contain 1 letter, 1 number, and at least 8 characters.","Auth Onboarding.please Enter AValid Date":"Please enter a valid date.","Auth Characters Are Not Allowed":"The characters \"\u003C, \u003E, (, ), :, =\" are not allowed.","Auth Is How It Will Appear":"This is how it will appear in Tinder","Auth Name Is Not Allowed":"This name is not allowed.","Auth Onboarding.upload From Computer":"Upload from computer","Auth Onboarding.verify Human":"Verify you are human","Auth Placeholder":"YYYY","Auth Age Will Be Public":"Your age will be public","Auth Will Exit":"You will exit out of this sign up and all your information will be deleted.","Auth Onboarding.enjoy Your Youth":"You must be 18 years old to use Tinder. In the meantime, enjoy your youth.","Auth Restricted":"Age Restricted","Auth Our Terms Of Service":"Read our and ","Avatar":"User avatar","Captcha Verification.verification Error":"Something went wrong with verification.","Chat Message.failure":"Failed to send, tap to retry.","Chat Message.failure Desktop":"Failed to send, click to retry.","Chat Message.failure Gif":"Unable to load gif","Chat Message.sending":"Sending...","Chat Message.success":"Sent","Chat Message.type":"Type a message...","Want To Wait":"Don't want to wait? Refill now.","Consumables.stand Out":"Stand out with Super Like","Consumables.three Times More Likely":"You're 3x more likely to get a match! Please check your email in a moment.","Account Recovery.didnt Receive Link":"Didn't receive a link? ","Account Different Email":"Use a different email","Account Phone Number":"Use your phone number","Anthem":"My Anthem","Anthem.play":"Play","Art":"Song art","Auth Your Photo":"Add your photo","Auth Placeholder":"DD","Auth Onboarding.email Address":"Email Address","Auth Onboarding.email Invalid":"Email invalid. Oh wait...","conversation Starter20":"This screen would look a lot better with a conversation in it.","conversation Starter21":"They're staring at the same thing... write the first message.","conversation Starter22":"Billions of messages have been sent on Tinder. ","conversation Starter23":"I hope you're not driving right now! ","chat":"Chat","or Download The App":"Or download the app","discover New Matches Button Claim":"Start swiping to connect with new people! ","discover New Matches Button Title":"Discover New Matches","distance Unit KMShort":"km.","distance Unit Mile Short":"mi.","done":"Done","edit":"Edit","enable":"Enable","error":"Error","error Title":"Whoops...","exit":"Exit","success":"Success! ","help":"Help","hide":"Hide","language":"Language","like":"Like","liked":"Liked","month":"month","not Now":"Not Now","disable":"Disable","new Match Message":"New Match! Say Hello 👋","next":"Next","notification":"Notification","number":"Number","num Remaining":" Remaining","offline":"Offline","ok":"OK","okay":"Okay","oops":"Oops","options":"Options","or":"Or","other":"Other","push Notifications":"Push Notifications","Questions":"Questions? ","conversation Starter8":"Live as if you die today, dream as if you live forever.","conversation Starter9":"You know they already want to talk to you, right? Try again.","Edit Profile.error Work":"Updating your work information failed. School Fine Text":"If your current school isn't shown, please update it on Facebook and it will appear here.","Edit Profile.scroll For More":"Scroll for more","Edit Gender On Profile":"Show my gender on my profile","Edit Fine Text":"If your current job isn't shown, please update it on Facebook and it will appear here. Try again.","Edit Profile.error Job Title":"Updating your job title failed. If you're looking for a new Job, work at ","Edit Instagram Photos":"Your Instagram photos will be removed from your Tinder profile.","Email Gather.email Address":"Email Address","Email In The Know":"Stay in the Know 📩","Email Collection.verify Email":"Verify your email","Email Collection.input Email":"What's your email address?


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