Whos dating jessica biel

It's probably better Britney sticks to the small-screen, because the silver screen hasn't been her forte.

Britney was in a film you've probably never seen or heard of called (2000) and played a stewardess.

Hopefully it's all of the above, with a good amount of unreached potential in the mix.

But even if you wish them well, bottom line, one thing is true: You never want to see them living a better life than the one they would have had with you. but that probably won't happen until when one of these two are hurting for money in their old age. Justin: After Britney, Justin did what any 21-year-old guy would do his age and tore through a bunch of smoking hot ladies.

The bubbly blonde is a known as a huge TV ratings boost, setting series-high numbers for her cameo on .

Clearly this has been noticed and she's now on X-Factor, raking in a salary of million.

He started his own businesses, and their successes and failures seem a little more dependent on the decisions he makes, not the fans he brings along with him. I doubt she knows the margins on her perfume, the place of manufacturing for her clothing line, or the next integrative step she is going to take using her brand for profit. s delegation of power, I have to give the edge to Justin since the comparison is between him and her, not him and her people. At first, it might seem like Justin has the advantage with his celebrity friends, legions of female fans, a solid foundation of credibility in various areas of entertainment and business, but you can never underestimate the power of an underdog. s biggest PR mistake was the Super Bowl nipple slip, or maybe crying on .

He has actually made some inroads in acting as well, mostly staying away from TV other than his SNL digital shorts, which spurred the famous, and Halloween costume inspiring, ? His first staring role was alongside acting giants Kevin Spacey and Morgan Freeman.

The film, , and I'm sure some other movies that I also didn't see. Refusing to be pigeonholed in entertainment, Justin put on his business pants and now owns restaurants, a fashion label named William Rast, and 901 tequila.

And just as sure as knowing that life post-split would indeed go on, we know that some time later the two would be ripe for comparison. Since their heat-wrenching split, who has been better off: Britney or Justin?

It's nice to say that life isn't a competition and all, but how much better do you feel when you see your ex got fat, ugly, or is dating someone fatter and uglier than you?


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