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Then we take a look at the state of the quietly evolving web browser extension ecosystem.

This week we discuss Windows 7's additional three years of support life, Mikro Tik routers back in the news (and not in a good way), Google Chrome 69's new features, the hack of MEGA's cloud storage extension for Chrome, Week 3 of the Windows Task Scheduler zero-day, a new consequence of using "1234" as your password, Tesla making their white hat hacking policies clear (just in time for a big new hack!

Plus, reading between the lines of last Friday's DOJ indictment of the U. 2016 election hacking by 12 Russian operatives, the U. appears to really have been "all up in their business."This week we discuss another worrisome trend in malware, another fitness tracking mapping incident and mistake, something to warn our friends and family to ignore, the value of periodically auditing previously granted web app permissions, and when malware gets picky about the machines it infects.

Another kind of well-meaning Coinhive service gets abused.

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This week we cover the expected exploitation of the most recent Apache Struts vulnerability, a temporary interim patch for the Windows zero-day privilege elevation, an information disclosure vulnerability in all Android devices, Instagram's moves to tighten things up, another Open SSH information disclosure problem, an unexpected outcome of the GDPR legislation and sky-high fines, the return of the Misfortune Cookie, many thousands of Magneto commerce sites being exploited, a fundamental design flaw in the TPM v2.0 spec, trouble with MITRE's CVE service, Mozilla's welcome plans to further control tracking, a gratuitous round of Win10 patches from Microsoft - and a working sonar system which tracks smartphone finger movements! We look at Firefox's changing certificate policies, the danger of grabbing a second-hand domain, the Fortnite mess on Android, another patch-it-now Apache Struts RCE, a frightening jump in Mirai Botnet capability, an unpatched Windows zero-day privilege elevation, and malware with a tricky new C&C channel.

For the other resources you can either LEFT-CLICK to open in your browser or RIGHT-CLICK to save the resource to your computer.

This week a widely used embedded OS (Free RTOS) is in the doghouse, as are at least eight D-Link routers which have serious problems most of which D-Link has stated will never be patched.

Sometimes we'll talk about long-standing problems, concerns, or solutions. Receive an automatic e Mail reminder whenever a new episode is posted here (from Change Detection.com). Send us your feedback: Use the form at the bottom of the page to share your opinions, thoughts, ideas, and suggestions for future episodes.

Either way, every week we endeavor to produce something interesting and important for every personal computer user. Leo also produces "This Week in Tech" (TWi T) and a number of other very popular podcasts (TWi T is America's most listened to podcast!


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