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Who is phoebe tonkin dating

After he and Beth locate the suspect in an abandoned office building, Jack uses Powell's fear to get him to reveal the location of his current victim.

Elsewhere, Beth's friend Tracy talks about her romantic interest, a much younger man who is later revealed to be Perry. He uses it to discover that "Beth Davis" did not exist until she enrolled in the police academy.

The rape victim reveals she moved to a top floor of a high-rise building because Powell has a fear of heights.

They find a neighboring woman who lost a son about Thomas' age.

Perry returns to confront Beth, who punched him in a parking lot in the previous episode.

The girl and her roommate rent a house that is rumored to be haunted after a woman Amy hung herself in the basement and her husband Greg committed suicide after discovering her body.

When the girl is stalked again at the house, her ex-boyfriend and his roommate have indisputable alibis.


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