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To do a Media Center reset, perform the following: I have done the above several times.

I would not use a batch file unless you place the proper sleep/waits in the code as the services need time to stop and that can vary.

Manufacturers generally have support forums for such uses.

Please see your documentation that came with your system/NIC/access point/router for more details. This can get fiddly with XML and such but it looks simple enough for the average geek .

Want to add an IP camera to your Media Center experience? I was getting a consistant weak signal from Time Warner Cable.

When you open guide tool you will be asked to name the file, default is localhost and works fine for a general save. The window on the left will list all the tuners that the programs see’s as available and all the channels on each tuner that are seen [scroll left to right and top to bottom in that section].My Channel Logos applies graphical channel logos to the Media Center TV Guide making it easier to read and makes it, well, pretty lol.I purchased the software by making a donation to support the author. Once you use this utility, you will agree about its importance.See the documentation that came with your router or search the net for instructions specific to the make/model of your router to get this done.Sometimes, especially when lots of problems show up, it is easier to reset Media Center and start over to make sure everything is working in concert together.Visit test your connection and make sure it is running at its best.While on the site, hover over "Broadband", then from the fly-out menu, select "Broadband Tools", then "SG TCP/IP Analyzer".Removes commercials and converts recordings into other formats that can be used on other systems and portable devices.I have tried MCEBuddy but have since gone to my own scripts using Robo Copy.Please note that this does not mean you do not need the DCA software on your system because you do. Systems that do not normally pass DCA and are forced sometimes can have playback performance problems (i.e.: not enough horsepower! The override can be downloaded from this site at ... To avoid WMC changing to channel "411" while trying to invoke the Debug Mode you must enter CTRL-D quickly after typing "411" (else WMC will try to tune to channel #411 rather than invoking the Debug Mode on the current channel).Making sure your connection is optimized for WMC is very important.


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