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(Hopefully most of that information will no longer be needed, though some of the tips for Apple users etc may still be of interest). Discussion around issues with Godox’s original firmware updated software and procedures can be seen here.The G1 firmware update software, and new firmware update files are available now from the Godox Download Page. NOTE – Firmware files downloaded using the Internet Explorer browser are for some reason changed to a file extension, instead of the regular file type.

If that is your first concern, then you cannot afford it. Before I had even finished building the first expanding table 10 years ago, I had already formulated a series of improvements to the design to solve a few problems that had hindered me getting the components to fit as tight as I wanted. If all else fails, each products Instruction Manual should detail how the firmware version can be accessed. AD600B / AD600BM – Press the Menu button and the firmware version is displayed at the top right corner.Today, I am able to create a graceful design of CNC-machined and laser-cut components with tight tolerances and high precision.The new design has close to 150 machine components compared to the dozen of so from the original design, yet it took a fraction of the time to develop.It is a fully programmable VFD with a detachable keypad.So I replaced my bulky 100 pound rotary phase converter with this 3 pound electronic controller.I planned out the materials so that all eight of the fluted columns would be cut from a single 10/4 (2-1/2 inch) plank, all of the feet would come from the same 12/4 (3 inch) plank, the base from a single 10/4 plank, and the center column from its own 10/4 plank, which was wide enough to not require edge-gluing.It took a few extra phone calls, but I was able to get the face veneer grain- and color-matched on a special order from my lumber yard’s own supplier out of state.If your system can not extract compressed files, then you can simply rename the files to Free 7-Zip software can extract and compressed files if needed – – Before connecting the device (strobe or radio trigger etc) to your computer via a PC sync cord, its important to make sure the flash or trigger is turned OFF first.


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