Updating panelview firmware

The built-in Ethernet and serial communication ports support a variety of networks.These terminals offer improved usability with remote monitoring capability.Once you have RSlinx Enterprise in the Explorer window, make sure you have a shortcut and path setup in the Runtime tab.I also agree with Robes_Of_Teal that it is most likely a problem with your panelview's firmware revision.Watch this video for an introduction to Panel View 800 Graphic Terminals.Our Connected Components solution offers a simple, cost effective micro-automation solution for builders of small, standalone machines.

They feature high-performance processors, high-resolution displays, and high flash and dynamic memories.If you get an error after downloading, it is probably because you are using FTView v6 and your Panelview is v5.When you create your .mer, you should be able to select "Save as type" and select "Runtime 5.10" or "Runtime 5.0" depending on your Panelview's firmware.sessionid=fs2lybciig45pc0qfctul1yd635291977611025641Source: I do PLC & HMI tech support for a Rockwell distributor.. I won't be able to try anything out until tomorrow but I would like to know what you find in the Knowledgebase.edit: and I've seen and fixed this problem before To echo what u/walksonwater said, there is a significant difference between RSLinx Classic and Enterprise. Hopefully this sheds a little light onto the difference between the two comm. As far as your download issue, let me save this and take a quick look in the RA Knowledgebase as I know I have seen your issue but cannot remember what caused it. I've been struggling with this issue for some time now.The problem we keep running into is that when we attempt to download an application to the HMI, we get an error saying that the location (meaning the HMI is invalid). So long as you have access to the install media, you can load it up with relative ease, and no licensing is required. We are commonly taught to copy install media to the host drive before installing for a variety of reasons, this being one.The only thing I could think that is going wrong is that the major revision of the firmware for our HMI is not supported in RSLinx Classic. I'd be concerned that RSLE wasn't loaded when View was installed, however. I haven't looked at it since yesterday so I could just be wrong on my numbers but I could have sworn it was 6.0.It makes me suspicious that there may be issues with your Services Platform as well, as is typically the case when a core component such as RSLE is not installed, in my experience. I will not be on site and have access to KB and other documentation. Speaking to Insightsptc's point, downloading a file from View to the pvp is not done in RSLC, it is done via RSLE, direct serial connection, or USB. I'll send you a message if I still get stuck after trying the suggestions in this thread. When you create the runtime file (.mer); select firmware version 5.0 .Then see if you can transfer the app to the Panel View. I also don't have access to the licenses for our software so getting help from Allen Bradley is not the easiest thing in the world.Applications that use Compact Logix™ 5370 L1, L2 or L3 controllers (Compact Logix 5370 L37 controllers excluded) but require simple Human Machine Interface (HMI) can now connect to Panel View™ 800 graphic terminals. Unfortunately, I'm faced with the fact that apparently the same panels are inside a display matrix from different vendors, and of course, the different backlight. So is there any way to tell if I can modify/upload project with this? And I got to do it in one visit Thanks for any suggestions.


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