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Unable to boot Windows after updating the BIOS on my motherboard (so my motherboard could be compatible with a new CPU I want to install). - My operating system is Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit with Service Pack 1 and all high priority updates (except for Internet Explorer 9).

pid=3005&dl=1#ov with BIOS version F3L installed before the upgrade.

- When running Startup Repair, System Restore to the only restore point given (installing the @BIOS utility) also does not help.

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- I have been using my computer as it is currently configured with the two RAID drives for more than a year or so without any problems that I can think of. - I downloaded and installed the @BIOS utility from Gigabyte, saved a backup of the F3L BIOS before installing the latest BIOS, which is version F8M.

- After the new BIOS was installed, restarted the computer and since then Windows has failed to boot into normal or safe mode but my Ubuntu Linux has had no problems booting at all (no doubt thanks to the far superior support that Linux has for RAID). - I don't think there is a problem with my Linux or Windows boot loader (since Linux is unaffected and Windows does attempt to load) and no hardware has changed since my computer was working properly.


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