Updating ip address

You can assign either a dynamic or a static public IP address to a virtual machine.

Learn more about assigning IP addresses to network interfaces.

For more information, see Use Azure DNS with an Azure public IP address.

You can associate a public IP address with a Windows or Linux virtual machine by assigning it to its network interface.

If the IP address is assigned to a different resource while resource A is stopped, when you restart resource A, a different IP address is assigned.

The public IP address serves as a load-balanced virtual IP address (VIP).

Is there a way to update the DNS entry from this server so I don't have to log into my DNS server?

I tried ipconfig /registerdns but this did not do the trick...

The IP address is released when you stop (or delete) the resource.

After being released from resource A, for example, the IP address can be assigned to a different resource.


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