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Updating inside an oracle

The reconnect happens automatically from within the OCI (Oracle Call Interface) library.

DBD:: Oracle now supports a callback function that will fire when a TAF event takes place.

This can prevent serious mistakes such as dropping a schema in the wrong database, and generally makes debugging and troubleshooting easier.

Also remember that depending on the operating system you are using the differing "ORACLE" environment variables may be case sensitive, so if you are not connecting as you should double check the case of both the variable and its value.

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You will have to set up TAF on your instance before you can use this callback.With local queries, you can change the time zone for a particular user by simply changing the setting of "TZ".To check the current setting, issue the UNIX "date" command.Oracle can use two environment variables to specify default connections: ORACLE_SID and TWO_TASK.To use them, specify either a local SID or service name, or a service name that is specified in the TNSNAMES. Note that if you have *both* local and remote databases, and you have ORACLE_SID *and* TWO_TASK set, and you don't specify a fully qualified connect string on the command line, TWO_TASK takes precedence over ORACLE_SID (i.e. It is highly recommended not to rely on environment variables and to always explicitly specify the SID in the connection string.You can name it anything you want and it will always be passed two parameters, the failover event value and the failover type.You can also set a sleep value in case of failover error and the OCI client will sleep for the specified seconds before it attempts another event.It is not supposed to be used as the only reference for the user. ORA_VARCHAR2 ORA_STRING ORA_NUMBER ORA_LONG ORA_ROWID ORA_DATE ORA_RAW ORA_LONGRAW ORA_CHAR ORA_CHARZ ORA_MLSLABEL ORA_XMLTYPE ORA_CLOB ORA_BLOB ORA_RSET ORA_VARCHAR2_TABLE ORA_NUMBER_TABLE SQLT_INT SQLT_FLT ORA_OCI SQLT_CHR SQLT_BIN Oracle doesn't provide a formal API for determining the exact version number of the OCI client library used, so DBD:: Oracle has to go digging (and sometimes has to more or less guess). I recommend that you avoid checking for exact values.The ORA_OCI constant holds the result of that process. This method creates a database handle by connecting to a database, and is the DBI equivalent of the "new" method.If an explicit SID is used you will probably get an ORA-01004 error. (Authentication to remote Oracle databases using your Unix login name without a password is possible but it is not secure and not recommended so not documented here.To use DBD:: ORACLE to connect to an Oracle database, ORACLE_HOME environment variable should be set correctly.


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