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Unlike online dating services

In the old dating marketplace, finding a woman who would consider you more attractive than her other alternatives might be hard, leaving you lovelorn and spending Valentine’s Day drinking beer by yourself at a bar, hitting on women who are too young and attractive to consider dating you.The market would fail to clear, not because you ware fundamentally undatable, but because the market is illiquid, failing to find partners who are an appropriate match.If you have long cried a divorce or separation, better loosen this long face. If it feels like it's time to savor another company or relationship, by all means, entertain that feeling.It is Valentine’s Day, an occasion for romance, for the celebration of the magical connection two people share when Cupid’s arrow strikes and true love blossoms.Online dating is for relationships what modern, electronic financial markets are for people trading stocks or bonds.Those looking to buy and sell financial assets once crowded onto the streets of Lower Manhattan or the City of London, all coming to one place to engage in trade.13 June 2018: In undertakings given to the CMA, Venntro Media Group Limited (‘Venntro’) committed to make changes to the way it presents dating services to customers.

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With stocks, that might be the .95 paid to an online brokerage.On the Chicago Mercantile Exchange you can always do so.Suppose you are a not-particularly-handsome 47-year-old divorced guy with a doughy physique, a mediocre job, and a hatred of loud nightclubs.But a liquid market is one in which more people are able to enter mutually beneficial exchanges at a price both acceptable, whether it’s in pork belly futures or a new girlfriend or boyfriend.But there is also a dark side to greater liquidity, both in financial markets and relationships.They even, in what seems a fitting metaphor for many peoples’ tendencies in matters of romance, “engage in naïve reinforcement learning by repeating past behaviors that coincided with pleasure while avoiding past behaviors that generated pain.” The dark side of liquidity in finance is that, when it is too easy to buy and sell, people can do so rashly and in ways are not in their longer-term best interest.Similarly, if finding a new mate is too easy, people may be too quick to dump a partner, confident they can find a new one with little effort.According to a wide range of studies, people who trade often are more likely to cost themselves money than to make it.Here’s one 2011 study from Brad Barber and Terrance Odean, for example, that shows that individual investors who trade stocks tend to, among other things, underperform the results of just buying and holding stock indexes, sell winning investments while holding losers.Those are the equivalent of the bars that singles traditionally go to meet other singles. When stock or bond traders are trying to do business in person, it’s hard to be sure that they have canvassed all the potential buyers and sellers to get a good deal—and there might be an even better deal lurking in some other market in another city.Similarly in a crowded bar no one can meet all their potential dates to ensure that they connect with the one who is the best match.


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