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Two way sex came

He writes in his autobiography that it was with a girl who worked for his mom: “plump,” “blond,” “not handsome, but available.” One night his parents were out, and he approached her and caressed her leg. Finally, she grabbed him, took him into the bedroom and had sex with him, admitting she hoped it would get her out of paying him back some money.

Flynn once boasted that he had spent 12,000 to 14,000 nights having sex.

People often report that nothing unusual happened before the shared dream.

They report that they did not talk about dreams with the other person before the event, so there is no indication of biasing or priming effects.

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So let us provisionally accept the fact of shared dreams: Two persons have the same dream. If we assume that brains produce dreams, we have to assume that the two brains involved were in the appropriate brain states to produce identical content in two people.

You can also find forums on shared dreams all over the web. People they experienced the same dream, but we have to remain skeptical until controlled scientific investigations are conducted.

We have to conclude that people everywhere do occasionally experience the same dream as another individual. In addition, the two people involved never agree about every detail about the shared dream.

There are some commonalities among the reports that increase confidence in their reliability.

For example, most often the two people involved know each other and are emotionally close.


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