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If your seller requests that you take an action that is in conflict with TREND policy, the listing is no longer eligible for MLS entry and must be withdrawn.

While these questions do not cover all of TREND’s available status options, they are among the most misunderstood and frequently reported status update issues.

hi, I ma using office scan on server 2003 and clients of winxp, my clents are not updating automatically even i configure server and client for hourly update.

Accuracy in status updates helps sellers, buyers and the TREND community at large, who are relying on the information available in MLS listings.

The MLS will prompt you to answer questions about the terms of the agreement of sale as to whether or not: Your answers to these questions will determine the appropriate status and if applicable, set the contingency indicator to either ACT-A, ACT-E, ACT-F, or ACT-O.

If the seller does not wish to continue showing the property, the MLS will assign the Pending status to your listing.

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Still novice with scripting, so interested in learning.For the complete list of statuses and their definitions, click here.TREND continuously monitors listings, and contacts listing brokers and agents to address status update issues with them directly.Answer: Ordinarily that may be the case, but not always.Home inspections, mortgage and appraisal contingencies are usually just formalities in the process, and usually lead to a sale.Especially in a busy market, it helps buyers and their agents better understand what listings are currently available in their must-have neighborhood.Sometimes it’s difficult to determine a proper status, because of your seller’s instructions or unique circumstances surrounding a listing.We want to be able to monitor and alert on Trend Micro Office Scan or Deep Security clients virus pattern files when they are older than a certain number of days.I see there's an old thread on someone attempting to create a custom script that didn't appear to work correctly, Trend Micro Pattern Version, and the only template I find for this component specifically applies to Trend Micro Server Protect.It is your duty to explain to your client the reasons for updating the listing, and the risks of not updating it.In all cases, the listing broker is obligated to comply with TREND’s rules, as it is part of his/her membership agreement.


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