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Top 5 local dating sites yorkshire

This is purely a personal page by Stan Laundon and NOT the website for BBC Tees.

You can get in touch with them directly on their own site by clicking on that link.

But other bits were crumbling into woodworm dust, so there was no choice really.” And Graeme assures us that it isn’t all going to the tip — the Radio Cleveland name board is going to be recycled onto his studio wall.

Peter Cook, in the centre, during his time producing sport at BBC Radio Teesside in the 1970's.

Jim Brady is on the extreme left of the next row with Parkin Raine, Peter Hedley, Mike Hollingworth, Liz Horsfield, Pam Smith, Barbara Littler, Sandi Marshall, Ruth France, Trisha Wharton, Vanessa Gittings, John Watson and Graeme Aldous. In 2007 BBC Radio Cleveland changed its name to BBC Tees.

This photograph, which we believe was taken by the Evening Gazette, did not appear in the newspaper - but a similar one did which you can see in the right hand column.

The first photograph - a Radio Times article dated August 27th, 1970 with Radio Teesside Station Manager, Allan Shaw talking about Middlesbrough being 'his kind of town'.

The second - a Radio Times feature, December 17/24th 1970 just before BBC Radio Teesside officially went on the air and, the third photograph here, shows the programme schedule for the first day's broadcasting - December 31st, 1970 from 6.00pm until 1.00am and then closing down until 7.00am on New Year's Day, 1971 when Graeme Aldous presented the early morning news.

If you'd like to hear recordings of the first hours of when BBC Radio Teesside went on the air then, thanks to John Foster, you can hear it in two parts on the links above.

But in the early summer of 2014 it developed little holes (and a lot of sawdust) at one end — the dreaded beetle had struck! “It was beautifully made, and built like a brick netty.

In a 17th Century farmhouse with wooden beams, it was too risky to let it stay. Most of the thick wood panels were in perfect condition — it would have outlasted me.


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