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Teyana taylor who is she dating

Let him produce a song or two, but go find a label that will legitimately invest in your wellbeing.

Meet Tony Camaro, an LA artist with more than one creative eye.

We knew she was better than “Google Me” (which we typically don’t acknowledge out of respect for Teyana and the artistry she has developed since that single came and went).

The “Fade” superstar joined Usher on stage during his performance of “Bad Girl” at the Hot for the Holidays concert in Newark, N. Usher’s “Bad Girl” performance gained popularity in 2005 during his “Live From Puerto Rico” concert special where he was joined on stage by a dancing Beyoncé.

” The 25-year-old quickly rose to the spotlight back in August when she starred in Kanye West’s “Fade” where she’s shown dancing in a gym and ends up eventually making out with NBA-star fiancé Iman Shumpert in the shower.

And in the last few seconds of the video, she turns into a cat-faced humanoid. To be able to hit the stage with not only a genuine friend but a legend I respect soooo much and has truly learned a lot from.

“Oh, I ain’t seen her since,” Teyana said of Lashontae.

Now, the NBA star has clapped back at Teyana for blasting him and his girlfriend. Although he and Teyana dated on and off six years and were reportedly engaged, he claims what he has with Lashontae is his first real relationship.


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