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Sidespring dating

This style was seen as early as 1688 and continued to be worn into the 1760s.Other popular styles were essentially military in origin.The Wellington supplanted the Hessian since the tassels and braid of the Hessian were difficult to wear with the newly fashionable trousers.The Wellington boot was essentially a Hessian that had had its curved top cut straight across with a simple binding.A perfect example of this is the , are no exception.Crafted of caribou hide or sealskin (their two main food sources), these boots are warm and waterproof thanks to an ingenious raised band of stitching with sinews that ensures a waterproof join at the sole and upper.For the more gentlemanly pursuit of sport riding, the high cavalier boot of the seventeenth century developed into a softer and closer fitting "jockey" style boot with the top folded down under the knee for mobility which showed the brown leather or cotton lining.This style originated in 1727 and became increasingly fashionable into the 1770s.

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The vogue for democratic, English style dress had made the boot more popular than ever.This style was reputedly developed by the Duke of Wellington in 1817 and dominated menswear in the first quarter of the nineteenth century.The success of the Wellington was so pronounced that it was said in 1830, "the Hessian is a boot only worn with tight pantaloons.Beau Brummel epitomized the radical simplicity of the dandy.His typical morning dress was reported as "Hessians and pantaloons or top boots and buckskins" (Swann, p. Despite this endorsement, the shape and design of the boot inevitably shifted with fashion.Soft boots folded down- and slouchy boots worn with boot hose elaborately trimmed with lace flaring out into wide funnel shapes to fold down over the boots-characterized these fashions.Boot hose was worn both for its decorative qualities and to protect the costly silk stockings.Emperors and kings wore ornate and colorful examples; this was a significant distinction when the majority of the population went barefoot.Leather was expensive, and roman emperors were cited as wearing colorful jeweled and embroidered examples-even with gold soles.The high-legged cavalier boot of the previous century was transformed by a highly polished and rigid leg-the prototypical military jackboot.The high top and rigid finish was supremely practical and successful at protecting legs while on horseback.


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