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Frank Cleary told me your great story that you got out of the Navy/Teams and went to med school and now your are practicing medicine - what an absolutely great story! I hope to hear from you soon Bill Bishop to wjdsfm, jhojr, Pbrvet6869, PBR534, Riv Div534, amay, Linecmdr, Lobstafish, Marvin Mc Featers, cpolynch, patrick.lee, Chinhle, jconnorton, tpac, richard., sfbwr, rfriedman, geoleo, gsd.hawaii, peter, frank.sands, thodsdon, debra.mcguire, bnaples, johnmerson Loving House Project Everybody deserves a home Dear friends, I recently returned from My Tho, Vietnam where I participated in the dedication of ten more new homes for poor veteran families.The families, the local government, Joe Hursey and I once again thank you for your meaningful donations--every penny of which went directly for labor and materials!He commanded Naval Special Warfare Unit Three in Bahrain, and Naval Special Warfare Group Three in San Diego. My VA hearing aids do not work well with telephone receivers.His service overseas includes multiple deployments to the Western Pacific and Arabian Gulf, and participation in Operations Earnest Will, Provide Promise, Enduring Freedom, and Iraqi Freedom. He assumed duties as assistant commanding officer, Joint Special Operations Command in August 2010. Where did you end up after the 3rd Mar Div went to Japan? Although I ended up with some good duty there (TAD to Sick Call at the Camp Dispensary) and had been promised the next Med Cruise, I was sure happy to be sent to a ship home-ported at Brooklyn Navy Yard. Albans Naval Hospital so was familiar with the area. I served on a Hydrographic Survey Ship, the USS Maury, AGS 16--a part of the working Navy.Most had family members with health issues that had led to their not being able to afford decent living conditions.Attached are a few pictures of some of the new homes, the families and the local government. Published May 05, 2013 142nd NRA Convention Dave and Rio...

All of the families chosen were extremely poor, yet dedicated to working hard. Szymanski, who graduated from the Salesianum School in 1980. He retained the loyalty and friendship of the men he led throughout his life. and half of Canada making his living as a folksinger and doing odd jobs while living in his truck Old Blue. My memory of events differs from his in some instances but, all in all, an interesting account.Howes operational assignments have included a full range of duties in SEAL Delivery Vehicle (SDV) Teams and SEAL Teams. Rick "Ranger Rick" Woolard THIRD Platoon, SEAL Team TWO, Naval Base Nha Be, South Vietnam, June-December 1968: LT(JG) Richard P. I appreciate having your phone number, but my hearing is very bad--too many artillery and mortar shells too close plus a hand grenade which exploded just next to me caused the problem according to the VA. Douangdara and Bart died in a 2011 helicopter crash in Afghanistan. The Statue, created by California sculptor Susan Bahary, will be officially unveiled during a ceremony Monday at the city's John Douangdara Memorial War K9 Park.I did not push him too far, but played the game of staying at the edge.I had many interesting experiences with the Navy and enjoyed my time there, but since I primarily tell Marine stories, go to Marine Reunions and events, visit with Marines, wear a Marine cap, and so on my wife thinks of me as being a Marine. I was the first UDT/SEAL to Distinguish and the first to Double Distinguish. Out here, RJT John Darlowe Boswell, a true American folksinger, died Saturday, March 23, at the age of 69, from complications of pneumonia. He attended Lubbock High School and Texas Tech University. John served in the Navy in Vietnam from 1967 to 1970 on Underwater Demolition Team ELEVEN as a frogman, and later was on the Apollo Ten capsule recovery team. Something for your archives: Winning PAC Fleet 1985 SEAL Team 5 Small Command Rifle and Pistol Team Pictured right to left: PO 2 Gordon Evans PO 2 Jerry Parnin Lt jg Dave Courtney PO 3 Mike Bay LCDR RJ Thomas PO 3 Jerry Mc Caully (KIA Iraq) SCPO Chuck Miller PO 3 Jessie rt-lt: Gordon Evans , Jerry Parnin, Dave Courtney, Mike Bay, R. Thomas, Jerry Mc Caully, Chuck Miller, Jessie As you can see I wasn't wearing my Distinguished Pistol badge despite having distinguished with the short gun the year before (as far as I know, I'm the only Double Distinguished Navy shooter who Distinguished with the Rifle as Enlisted and Pistol as a Lt) it took them two years to get me the DP Badge.From: Rosalie Shouse To: Doc Riojas Subject: Robert "Bob" Shouse passed away Friday 15 April 2016 I have some very bad news, My Bob has passed away Friday. He fell and hit very hard on the a concrete stone at the V. He will rest at the VA hospital Cemetery and one half of his ashes will be sent to sea at the museum in Fort pierce, Fla. love Rosalie Rudy Bosesch Rudy Bosesch Jeff Nichols Jeff Nichols Mike Day Mike Day ; I believe holds the SEAL record for getting shot 27 times and is still alive Minh page 1 from the UDT SEAL Magazine THE BLASAT Minh page 2 NDCQ: "Mack" Machowicz Richard "Mack" Machowicz William C. Jaycox James Fisher, A Wilmington native and Salesianum graduate is about to become the top commanding officer of the Navy SEALs. The Navy Times reported Tuesday that Szymanski has also been the deputy commander of the storied and secretive SEAL Team Six. Tom Boyhan John Roat Arles Nash Larry Theordine Bill Holloway Tom holloway Moki Martin Art Streeter Dean Cummings Bill Goines Moki Martin Phillip Gardner howe III REAR ADMIRAL P GARDNER HOWE, III ASSISTANT COMMANDING OFFICER, JOINT SPECIAL OPERATIONS COMMAND Rear Adm. He was commissioned in 1984 following his graduation from the United States Naval Academy. Names and ranks are per Vietnam-era documents I hold; should be accurate. Now we are really lucky to get five and usually have just three or four that meet due to deaths and the loss of mobility. He damaged his brain because of the severe bleeding and in several hours he passed away. Szymanski will be assigned as commander of the Naval Special Warfare Command in San Diego, Calif., the Department of Defense announced Monday. C., where he is assistant commander of the military's Joint Special Operations Command. Sitting in front Joe Tvrdik Thanks for all your work on your website to keep the memories, pictures & stories alive. Phillip Gardner howe III Richard "Mack" Machowic Erasmo Riojas Rick Powers Don Mann Riojas Larry Bailey at Doc's home Seal Team FOUR Grenada Paul With ST-6 Panama ST-6 H. Wasdin SEAL Chapter Presidents To: Erasmo Doc Riojas Cc: Bill Garnett; Jerry Todd; Bo Burwell; chuck detmer; Alvin Mc Coy;jim Finley; Larry Rich; Denny Johnson; Gary Wilson; Mark Baum Subject: Re: SEAL 2 rosters 1967-1971 Doc Riojas, Here are the platoon rosters you requested. "Bo" Burwell BM1 Charles "Chuck" Detmer GMG1 Ronald Fox BM1 Carl D. Our country is very lucky to have men like you who are willing to serve hard and give everything to protect us. If there is ever anything I can do for you to help repay the debt in any small way, please let me know. On 11/11/2011 Erasmo "Doc" Riojas wrote: thank you Mark.] I am so pleased that the USS Brewton is still being celebrated. He was born on June 24, 1916, in Yarmouth, the son of Albert and Angeline Heward. He was very proud of being in Naval Combat Demolition units that later became the Navy SEALs. We started with about 15 to 20 Marines and Corpsman.


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