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My OP is 100% spot on and I am embarased to say I saw her in 85?at NYC's Town Hall but was wise enough then to see her "comedy" was mainly about bringing "has beens" down.

But I think Sandra is undisciplined and, unlike Joan, rather lazy. Joan has as much as said that the day she stops working is the day she dies. Sandra was the last person to see Donna Summers alive. Also, she's not a "lesbian" (in her own words); she's a bisexual opportunist, and I can't imagine who would ever want to hook up with her. )I think where she got lost was when she started talking too much about the fashion world, designers etc.

Everyone else was there to just talk about food, be nice, have a good time and NOT put on a "greatest hits" show. My freind put it on to DVD for me because it ws so sad/funny to watch her. I saw that show too and YES she was drowning and looked so haggard! Classic, She really was a star ______"you know what"I never liked her, even at the height of her popularity, when she was doing "Without You, I'm Nothing" at the Orpheum on Second Avenue. Madonna stole the 'Fever' cover idea from SB, along with the 'inside' parody style.

Yep, she qualifies as even more of a "has been" then those who had big careers, actual real mainstream world famous careers - the ones that she made fun of. She seems so unpleasant,(then and now, well, just that one time as she is off the map, 'cept for her Bravo Clubhouse tired bits. Mean-spirited humor delivered with a sneer just isn't funny to me. The creepy Ingrid Chavez had something to do with the breakup. I thought i liked her back in the day, but now looking back, not so much.

Madonna is a lesbian sadist--can we all agree on that?

Madonna was very calculating in her public shaming of Sandra.


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