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Therefore, you cannot use the Custom izing function "Assign Fields to Field Groups" to change this data.

In addition, you must not add new standard fields to table T130F. If you want to maintain customer-specific fields using data transfer by direc t input or via ALE distribution, proceed as follows: Add the fields to central field table T130F (see above).

In Customizing, assign this subscreen to a maintenance screen using the "Copy cu stomized material master" function. This program is also incorporated in the Customizin g function 'Configure customized material master'.

Ensure that each field of the subscreen has a field statement in the flow logic, otherw ise the data is not transported correctly. If you want these fields to be subject to standard field selection, you must add new entries for them to the central field table for material master maintenance (T130F): Application examples for standard field selection: The field is mandatory and is to be flagged with a "? The field belongs exclusively to the purchasing user department.

d) Reference (T130F-KZREF) This indicator must be set if the field from the reference material should be pr oposed during creation with reference.

This small modific ation is no longer necessary as of Release 4.0A because the database view MARU is enhanced automatically when you enhance table MARA or the include EMARA (which is the data part of table MARA). Enhancing online maintenance in customized material master maintenance: Define a subscreen with your customer-specific fields in a customer-specific fun ction group created as a copy of the standard function group MGD1. Y ou can use this program to create customer-specific function groups as required.

Add the customer-specific fields to the data structures for the data transfer (f or example, BMMH1 for the main data).

Also, add the customer-specific fields to the tables in which the incorrect data is stored during direct input.

The following data is required for each field: a) Field name (T130F-FNAME) b) Field selection group (T130F-FGRUP) Here, you should use a standard field group if the customer field is subject to the same field selection as the standard fields of the standard field group. You must then check and, if necessary, modify the attribute of the field group u sing the function "Maintain field selection for data screens" in Customizing under "Logistics Basic Data - Material Master".

Field groups 111 through 120 that are not used in the standard system are reserv ed as customer-specific field groups.


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