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Radiometric dating speed of light

All computer work on this project was performed on the DEC 10 computer at the Flinders University in South Australia by Mr Trevor Norman, Tutor in Mathematics at the same university.

His extremely valuable help in this project is hereby gratefully acknowledged.

Exponential curves could not reproduce the observed rates of change at the different dates or the observed values. Power curves, polynomials, logarithmic and hyperbolic functions were all tried with lack of success.

There was only one curve tried which fitted the data points exactly and reproduced all of the observed features.

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The values of the velocity of light (C) listed in Table 1 form the bulk of the data which I have used to investigate the concept of light decay.

If the date is too late, it comes in above the observed values.

The best date of origin for the curve as determined by the observational evidence is 4040 BC±20 years.

If you propose that the universe and all in it is the product of an act of Creation only 6,000–7,000 years ago, many people ask—“How is it that objects millions of light years away can be seen?

Surely such light would take millions of years to reach us.” The question is a valid one and several types of answers have been proposed to it in the past with only limited success.


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