Quiet dating place

Holding hands upon the cool ice will always be a delightful part of a romantic evening.Possibly the top romantic place in Shanghai could be Tianzifang (田子方), because it has everything you need for a quaint and romantic date.

What a wonderful way to complete your romantic tour of Shanghai.At the entrance is a cafe with with outdoor seating, where you can stop for a coffee and pastry.But as you continue down the lane, you'll stroll through a canopy of trees surrounded by numerous points of interest to share together.Whether you slide along smoothly or not, ice skating is a moment that you'll always remember together.If you're downtown, you can go to the top floor of the Samsung Building on the corner of East Nanjing Road (南京东路) and Xizang Road (西藏路) across from People’s Square (人民广场), or you can make your way to the Mercedes Benz Arena at 1200 Expo Avenue B2/F, where you can skate to your heart's content.You can spend some peaceful moments seated on the benches and enjoy the subtle pace of the quiet green haven.Then, as you make your way around the park, there are pathways to explore together complete with ponds of lotus flowers and flowing water where you can relax on a wooden deck and even dip your feet.Dressed in sharp attire and waltzing upon a polished wood floor, most hearts are moved by the elegant synchronicity of ballroom dancing.Even if your skills are unpolished, your gallant effort will be quite a romantic gesture.See also Enjoying Shanghai's Waterfront and Shanghai Nightlife.Feel free to contact us to include some enjoyable riverfront activities, a performance at The Shanghai Oriental Arts Center, or any of the above activities in your Shanghai itinerary.


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