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Public folder favorites not updating

A document created using a template will have access to all of these features and a large part of your job in creating a new document will be done for you if your templates are well thought out.

Cheers Considering 93 percent of companies file for bankruptcy within 12 months of a disaster that blocked access to their data for 10 days or more, planning for the worst is just smart business.A template remains a special kind of Word document that will create a new document when you double-click on it from Windows rather than opening.These later versions of Word do not have toolbars except through Add-Ins or the QAT.The libraries is a new addition to windows 7 and I believe it has changed how windows see the default path to your local Profile so to find the last place I have saved to I start a re-save just to see where the previous was saved to.This mirrored drive mail also apply as it is outside so to speak.As a sidenote, as I consider them part of the same problem with windows plumbing, points of reference / related activities Start Menu Recent Programs - [img] [img] Start Menu Recent Items - [img] OFv.png[/img] Exclusion factors - Attributes and Edit Flags [img] I started here as I'm having the same issue as reported by gylf My assertions Recent Items = Start Menu Recent Items Useful tools - quickfilemenu, nirsoft (regscanner, recentfilesview, executedprogramslist/MUI cacheview, specialfolders, shellexview... A Word document version of this chapter (seldom updated) is available here. Templates are a special type of Word document that can hold text, styles, macros, keyboard shortcuts, custom toolbars, QAT and Ribbon modifications, and Building Blocks including Auto Text entries.This is an You don't have to understand everything in those chapters to build a useful template, but it will help for you to at least have skimmed through so that you will know some of the pitfalls and advantages of different methods.I also recommend going through all of Shauna Kelly's Basic Concepts of Microsoft Word.Generally, in Word when someone talks about a template, the subject is a document template.The templates covered in this chapter are a special type of Word document.


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