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Policy that prohibits employees from dating

This environment is deemed more favorable than a bar or club because you have the opportunity to get to know someone on an intimate day-to-day level.

According to found that 30% of these workers say they have dated someone who was at a higher level in the organization than they were.

Every company needs to consider having a policy in place regarding dating in the workplace.

Without a clear policy, the company can open itself up to potential sexual harassment claims and legal consequences.

On the plus side, this type of policy significantly decreases your liability to a sexual harassment claim.

Another option is to have a policy that requires employees to disclose whenever they enter into a consensual relationship.

Yvonne is a Past President of the Greater Pensacola Society for Human Resources Management, past Legislative Director on the HR Florida State Council of SHRM, and served in various leadership roles for SHRM.At that time, many employers choose to have the individuals sign a consensual relationship agreement, also known as a “love contract.” This agreement should state that both parties agree the relationship is consensual and should the relationship end, they will notify the company.Also, this conversation it is good time to have couples sign an acknowledgement stating they have read the harassment policy and will abide by the policy.This week is Valentine’s Day and love is in the air!Significant others will be showering loved ones with gifts and many offices will be full of flowers, candy, and balloons.By signing this acknowledgement, you help to limit the liability by having the parties agree they fully understand the company policy.When writing a workplace dating policy, it should include the following: As with all policies, it is important to ensure your employees are aware of the policy and you apply it fairly and consistently.Given the amount of time we spend in the workplace, for many this is a prime opportunity to meet someone you may choose to have a romantic interest in.It is not surprising that office romances are becoming more popular.She has over 34 years of experience of comprehensive human resources management.She is responsible for a team of certified HR professionals who deliver human resources expertise and training to our client customers.


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