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Where did the vicious queens go who were going to provide classic DL snark on the unscrupulous stripper bride?

Her hairdo aside, which always misses the mark, she actually looked pulled together for this. I was expecting some weirdness to her outfit, and the only thing "out of place" I could pick on was the veil could have been as long as the train , and not so long.

I was surprised by how touching I found it - much nicer than the snoozefest of William & Kate. Meghan looked beautiful but I think she would have suited a short-sleeved dress more. I couldn't watch the wedding, but my mother told me Harry spent the whole time in a state of clear anxiety. I agree, Harry will be cheating soon, but Megan will be trying to get pregnant asap and probably won't be cheating... And it totally fucked up the shot of the kiss because the hair looked like such an unkempt disaster.victoria beckham...dress..that from her label? The Royal Family on one side, and everybody who now pretends not to have known Harvey Weinstein on the other.

According to her, it was as if he was expecting to meet the Grim Reaper at any moment! Your bachelor days are over: soon you'll have three children and will grow bald like your brother! worst advertising..should have worn something better, she missed a great opportunity to showcase her label. Weird.[quote]These threads were so much nicer before the idiots woke up.

It is normal for the bride and groom to curtsey and bow to the Queen before the recessional. R89 I've been querying that for the last 3 threads. How the hell did Oprah get inserted into all this, to this extent? I love Windsor Castle as well as St George's Chapel but I didn't like the side seating arrangement of the bride and groom.

I thought it was because Megs is American that they skipped the wedding curtsy, even though I've seen photos of her curtsying to the Queen. Eugenie did look like she trimmed down a bit for a while there but it looks like she gained some back. It's a wedding thing, not a purity or virginal thing anymore and hasn't really been that in quite a while.r176 no one really cares, they are just pretending so they have one more thing to be offended by in regards Meghan. Kitty Spencer wins the prize for best looking woman in the best dress at the wedding. The couple should be front and centre not hidden away where guests can't see them.

The real mess was that god damn preacher who would just not shut the fuck up! R285 All I can say is one man's trash is another man's treasure: How could you find anything wrong with any of that? So much fun and I wish we'd see more of her everywhere. Those hand and arm gestures have me thinking he’s self translating for the deaf and hearing impaired (yeah, I’m looking at you Phillip).

Granted he knew this was his time to shine on the world stage, but I could see The Queen, getting pissed, making mental notes, that this is going to be the last time Megs will be inserting her stamp if you will on public events. Plus, growing up in the 90's she's like the pop cultural fun-time auntie for my generation. I liked Meghan's dress much more than Kate's dress.

She wouldn't have put herself in this situation if she weren't happy for him.If it's Meghan than her assistant can do the time since Meghan is now a HRH. She doesn’t care about the curtsying shit, and she didn’t seem to mind the black preacher droning on. Of course, the American self-proclaimed royal historian on and on about how wonderful the sermon was. Compared to what could have been they were dressed nicely. I was hoping for something ridiculous from them just for fun but they were ok. I don't like Meghan at all but I don't get the hang up about the white dress. Anal Clooney needs to learn when the spotlight is for her and when she's lucky to be near a particular spotlight. She wants to save the world, possibly for her own self satisfaction, and that's not how it's done with that lot. Pride and Joy.(Well, ok, that skipped Charles and Anne but it applies otherwise.)Fantastic reactions from the Royals to the Rev. There is a moment where Kate and Camilla are completely suppressing giggles. The Ugly York Step Sisters were trying not to laugh. R220, my guess is that she was bent over because she was staring at the ground so she wouldn't trip and fall. It needed some small detail to take away all of that white material. Considering her lack of education and being thrown into the lion's den, it was the best we could expect, I guess. Meghan has good taste, generally, although she has to give up those coast that are too long for her. It wouldn't have taken much to look overdressed with a fancy dress. Prince Harry is worth at least 40 million, you would think he could afford a bigger and nicer ring. Whoever the "alien" troll is, Americans do not normally "refer to non-American citizens as 'aliens.'" In the U. "alien" is specifically a LEGAL term, most commonly used for residents of the U. Sarah knows how to react and receive a crowd.[quote] Meghan is a U. I remember saying "You really shouldn't describe yourself in that way". she's always got the face below when she's excited.She knows the Monarchy needs to adapt to modern realitiea to stay relevant. One interesting comment was how the Queen knew Billy Graham so she wasn't a stranger to American preaching. Her dress was interesting, but slightly ill fitting, her make up brash, her hair saggy. I remember Harry licking his tongue out at photographers when he was a boy and Diana dragging him away from the car window. Zara Phillips had this fantastic I cannot believe I am being held hostage to these gymnastics at eighteen months pregnant.[quote]She knows the Monarchy needs to adapt to modern realities to stay relevant. Having to endure the ravings of a grand standing tent revival preacher is NOT a modern reality of life. tom was in many war movies, did he consult harry for the roles and become friends? When you see her leaving the castle to walk the dogs, which she still does, she looks fine. So Stella Mc Cartney made Oprah a dress that didn't fit, and Oprah didn't discover it didn't fit until she got to London? Each wedding dress was appropriate for each bride, considering who they were, their age and place in the family. A little beading or lace would have added some pizzazz. Her veil was too long and her bouquet was too smaill. R253, too many people have tried to rewrite history on Diana's horrible dress. I doubt the Queen and Prince Philip heard much, they are old and probably have hearing loss. She's too much for most people, always mugging and bugging her eyes and generally woot wooting. Below, her company manners on display at Margaret Thatcher's funeral.[quote]Only a Black American preacher has enough cajones to yell anything in Lizzie's face. As though some attention starved carnival barker is anything to us.I love black British uniforms, but hated the frill or whatever the fuck he had on the front.Catherine: probably still side-eyeing Meghan for the Pippa wedding crap.Harry: They did him wrong zooming in on his bald spot when he arrived.The media did the same think to William at his wedding.Everyone wants a balcony kiss with the bride showing her nervous wow face at the crowd size. Meghan: Her dress was very nice and age appropriate (she is an old bride), but it was as forgetful as the rest of the wedding.The tiara was nice, the hair was an issue and I wish she wouldn't have shown her freckles (a personal thing).The claim was that he had preached for her, which was news to me. A real standout was Doria Ragland, a dignified, sometimes poignant figure. I like she didn't lose the nose thing just because. Princess Charlotte will rule the roost as the years go by. Charlotte carries on the offsite link on I think the photographers stick their tongue out at the young ones, hoping to get a photo op of them doing the same thing. [quote]I remember Harry licking his tongue out at photographers when he was a boy and Diana dragging him away from the car window. Not in my worldr228 Camilla's just plotting about the Parker-Bowles Dynasty she wants to usher in, as well as wondering how the forgery of the Magna Carta is coming along, and how long until Theresa May discovers the little "surprise" she sent to her in the about tom hardy? I heard that Oprah discovered when she got to London, her original Stella Mc Cartney dress was too white for a wedding, so Oprah chose this tight-fitting, blush colored thing. The dress Di wore wouldn't be appropriate for anyone who wasn't some 20-25 years old getting married to the future king. I think she's actually needier and nuttier than Diana ever was, absent the mean streak but endowed with Jerry Lewis face. He was barely tolerated and will be cast aside tomorrow, if not sooner. No diamond necklaces or bracelets or ornate lace design. By marrying into the Royal Family, she just landed the greatest role of her career.I wonder when.[quote]The Queen is quite progressive. She wore a plain wedding dress without jewelry because she’s been married before and because she’s not royal or aristocratic. Just me.”R298 - Clooney and his wife are humanitarians and give to charities. Oprah interviewed Meghan's mother Doria so I think Mom invited her. Who started the tradition of royal men wearing military uniforms to their weddings?


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