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While trick-or treating, Mike meets Ed's friend Elvira.

Meanwhile, Mandy chooses a very revealing costume for a party but Mike disallows it, and Vanessa's equally revealing costume draws the attention of the Baxters' obsessive neighbor, Bill Calhoun (David Anthony Higgins).

Ed hires his daughter Gabriella (Jamie-Lynn Sigler) as a marketing consultant and her ideas threaten Mike's standing at the company.

Mike and Eve bring home a stray dog that Mandy believes she is allergic to, but her allergies are really a childhood lie started by Vanessa.

Sick of being the "bad cop", Vanessa persuades Mike to stop Mandy from entering.

The move backfires when Eve usurps Mike's role as star pitcher with her far-superior skills.

Mandy begins filling out college applications, but is stumped by the essay she has to write, and Kristin ponders what her own future holds while she helps her sister.

Mike is reluctant to give up his role as the "good cop", but this changes when he views the revealing pictures Mandy wants to send in.

Mike then visits the family of Mandy's boyfriend Travis after he discovers that the semi-nude pictures Mandy took for the modeling competition have been forwarded to Travis' phone.


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