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After all, it was my compensation for turning over precious brainpower and the most substantial chunk of my waking hours.

Even when I first thought about starting a business, my mind immediately went to the income potential for such an endeavor.

I simply had an unavoidable need for freedom and a few freelance writing gigs with potential.

When I finally gave my notice, I found myself choking on the words, “I’m starting my own business.” Saying them to my superiors felt childish and naive.

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(This post originally appeared on Elite Daily) The day I woke up praying I had contracted some type of illness so I could avoid another soul-sucking day in my cubicle was the day I knew I needed to leave my job.

An improved demeanor means they are more likely to want me around in the first place. There’s nothing that points out how much you dread your job than how you feel coming back from vacation. Happiness, passion and joy were left in whatever tropical location I was visiting, and obligation, work and an overwhelming feeling would be greeting me at the gate upon arrival.

I hated how I had to request it, routinely counting how long it would take me to amass X amount of vacation days.Time and I now have a cohesive relationship built on mutual respect. I used to wake up at am every day, drive the 20 minutes to my office and spend the next eight and a half hours trying to be as productive as possible.Today, I woke up at am and immediately had a small panic attack that if this “laziness” continues, I won’t create the business success I’m hoping for.This exhaustion — paired with the monumental task of tackling additional work on the side — led to “busy” being the most commonly used word in my vocabulary.My work was receiving my energy, and those I loved were receiving the short end of the stick.But, it’s in a things-are-flowing-so-well-I-forget-to-look-at-the-clock type of way.I don’t mind when down time flies by because work is no longer something I need to muscle through.Sundays morph into Mondays with nearly as much ease as Fridays into Saturdays.Work isn’t to be endured in order to reach the weekend, but to be appreciated as something that creates challenges and carries the possibility of feeling really damn good about what I produce.I hated how weekends never contained enough time to make a dent in household tasks while still having fun.Time moves much faster now, regardless of the day of the week.


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