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Lesbian dating powered by phpbb pagdating ng panahon lyrics meaning

Currently I have an heterosexual relationship with an heterosexual male.

Some time ago I had a kind of colored relationship with a guy like you and felt it completely surreal, in the good sense.

I am a man that feels like a woman on the inside - but here is the twist, I am still sexually to women. so you could say the thing that I have heard sarcastically mentioned is true for me, "I am a lesbian trapped in a mans body".

"lesbian identified man" is something i got from the show the L word.

I know this post is kind of old but I hope I gave my contribution to this subject. I am a man that feels like a woman on the inside - but here is the twist, I am still sexually to women.

Its taken my a while to be able to be more open about this, so kudos to you for just saying it!

He feels a woman inside, but he is not effeminate , at least at first sight.

He don’t need to change his body (but , as well as I , if there was a possibility for god's will to start our lifes all over again , we both would choose to be born in one's another body. Besides being bisexual he seems to have two types of sexuality inside him. the gay sexuality in him is unrespectful, and submissive once he don’t really like man at all but has this fetishe with anal penetration and male power without needing anything beyond this strict physical interaction.

about becoming trans gendered - no way, I would make an ugly woman. I was considering getting my hair highlighted, but I don't feel any of that feminine stuff fits with me since I am a guy on the outside.

But if I had one magic wish, I know what it would be. but believe me, on the inside, I can take off those jeans and put on a pretty dress. My best suggestion honestly is to talk to a psychologist and get some help.


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