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Taking care of my animals, Life is what we want it to be. My interests include gaming, sharing and listening, reading and writing, I'm an artistic woman looking for a relationship. I have travelled widely, but have settled back down in Montreal to further educate myself. It all started 61 years ago and has gone downhill ever since. I enjoy nature, animals, swimming, hiking, music and art.I love to write, draw, paint, read, drink coffee, camp, soak in a hot tub of bubbly water. ( self deprecating sense of humour) Along the way I gained a firm sense of integrity. My favourite bands are Future Islands, Petit Biscuit, Big L, STARS, and Lord Huron.I like people you are interested in many different things. I joke around a lot, but I can get serious when I want/need Just seeing who's out there! Most Currently in Hong Kong at the moment, I don´t usually stay in one place for long, so not sure which country is next, maybe I will pop into your country if fate leads me to, anyhow that picture was like 8 yrs ago but I don´t I am fun, outgoing, kind, caring, transgender lesbian.I like walks in the park/woods, or anywhere for that matter. Music I don't have much to say about as I don't Love the outdoors such as kayaking, walking, hiking, & biking. I love doing renovation/transformation projects, big or small.Love to camp and swim but haven't been able to lately. People that interest me well everyone interests me thats how you find out You could say I´m butch, but I´d describe myself as a gentleman. I´m straightforward, fun, romantic - all that good stuff and intimacy too.I actually live 1.5 hours east of Toronto and like to explore I’m looking to meet someone(s) who’s looking for more than a just a hookup.There are many different platforms and communities that exist.

Sometimes I I love nice music, travelling, reading, guessing crosswords. Dislike horror movies, not a dog lover, spicy, cheese. acab currently thinking lots about: disability, summer camp coming of age novels, dynamics, ice skating in summertime, how cute are tulips, how to have really fat positive and food positive conversations on first dates Through these words on this white space I give to you a small part of myself.

I love board games, video games, cooking, camping, hanging out with friends, and much more.

I'm pro choice, feminist, Likes- Music, Adventures, Sports, Dancing, outdoors, Beaches, Bomb fires, Bbqs, Good food, Cooking, Baking, Laughing, Conversations with good people.

I believe in getting to know someone and am not afraid of commitment but recognize that not all meetings need or necessarily lead to a commitment.

Getting the right connection is needed and the I love to catch up with friends over a scrumptious meal, a nice glass of wine & some cool tunes. After a long week though, curling up on the sofa & popping in a DVD My Story I like literature, art, history, politics and TV too! I cook with ingredients many people say they have never even heard of. The harder we work, the more we have to give and receive but I am learning to work smarter instead I´m adaptable, honest, transparent and funny, I don´t hold grudges (at least I try not to) and enjoy times in the rugged outdoors as much as I do the comforts of my haven. (I bow down in awe of the cosmos) I am attracted to radiance...shiny people who care to be kind.


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