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O IX -ROOM BUNGALOW ON ^ ' cloae to Victarta coif llak S! teaals courts Two furnlahed aullaa now avall- t SS aatf IBS. ^„ , BUNGALOWS- ^^'••: L^•'^.^rp5sn.r• — t P Ttj"*»WTIIO Mittato "U.

Every modern toaventanoi Larae rooms, fireplaces, rarace.

aatf aar fact time, hive your wat OB Hatf MUm S^t, 1 j R' N,'^ WICK jaoi EU cuar.

J^' '■"•"e"Mf Bartaa'a OMi^Oatoy IP too' ' WANT "hiomoaan ~ r — ■ manship t time, li 1013 Government «t moderate o Aargaa. liiaaiaa 1 t one ttnt O I ^Los E JASOB BAT Hon L'od Mvbn T - ^ able suites.

all In lawns, aad cur iii»^ riowor Mds and shrubui ries In perfect UTMAI, T A BEAUTIPUL. atandint la an acre and a third of splendid grounds, with a tennis court, etc .

OBANT Al HOPE Ml Pert etreot Phone 1340 A DOOTOB'A OPPORTUNITY TO LOGATB WBKRK LARGE PBAOn OB CAN BE CREATED PLUMBING CON- . populous oel Bhbor- ph M, I hood, aad elaee to a large public school ILAROB RBBIDBNOC OP NINE f«OOU8 BBMw t SPLENDID OAROVN IN I. In- cluding some very choice waterfrnntage rtectrle licht.

U POULTRY AND UTWf OOB \PORNISHFI er tianalty soatf. Waltrr Uasklll s Coliseum Concert Orchestra WSht.-. 19c AP^'SV^ » GRAND OPERA Baata on Bala at ftatahar'a Muate Blare and Also at Otstaa'a. :^ ^'°''''»'' Columbia Pull aca views: near \JS^^ eookl Bt. close I o Fort straat or Femwaatf ear AKERS OVENS WRITE FOR t; ATA i Phone S. rrrnwo M car locue and list of uaed oven.s We , , „ pay frelcht to Winnipeg ahd Vancouver 1 I? ." J^^l' NEAR BEACON Hubbard Oven Company; 1 10 Qu Mn West. garden, and garage llaat Payne, Goailanda, Sidner rp O HKNT OAK HAY 1 roomed buiigalot North lots, 130 MODERN FIVE- School, tl O Nor Yh Dk OBTREVOH. Phone USSR Bri caracea KKPINED HOME WITH BOARD offei - - red to baalaeaa alrl or toaeher. I.In cktri ^CC'^IMI Ici t ii M,ii;uo:i iu VVi UU 0 birda Throe Mtrtnaa I Prtoreaa of wai'i wiili fleclrtc pump lo wall Ten ircic and acrei ol land, all cu Hlvatad and fat M«d Pl VE Block Oardeo and room lor lann U oeurt tf daaired Soma fn Ut trooa and ao U a Mli- able lor mbb U fm HB. (K) ,1 I'RICl briwaon Oaok and Van- cogver Blreata, a ol«-rom. with eeary convenience leaeaptlna baaemenl* Nice lot and facliis aouth Close to car line, park asd baaah. TMBSS wrnr is A l OWUY UUNUALOW aad runs BM ha i a naw. IB2OO SSSS^b Sm SSim T." " CONBCil II l A I KO VOOB TMIT BEST ROOS - Tnr Ri X afraid to lend Crleotal rue^ to inr eiaaners. Hot wator liratiiu tliilntat- lui'vid niilix.i (mraae lor ta'» Tlua inu-- aiii.».! facing over the wa rr, \ie« of ses lind niotmtalns 3^ miles from town Shellere C ove lot about AS a IM. and prtoo la BBl Y (tomti / Woo M oantid Br trade f Br Oak Bay Bovto. * 00 Vicloria PEMBERTON * BON Phone IM Ml Port Btr Bot 5 BOY m TBB TAN OAR AT "■-''•I- ■TREETS UENKY Jk QO. regla- toted In ihe name of Donxld "alph Peter Bull, addreaa Duncan. the Ace oi md the practicaf oert Blnty oi a uick with tta KHm of Baarta. It is R production that will be a great surprise to Victoria theatregoers. thr producer, plays thr part of the Maccabean hrr ► a part in which he is exceptionally well versed, hav- ing played this same part many many limes in all the countries of Europe. Peter de Carlo of this city, are the proud /i 2 9 10 1 1 I 2 JL J. / I ^^iftlft 9MV9* •* • »a a a %awti Vu \* Weu FMi nsd / j\ T Diamonds, a badkwacd bid that bas nd place In sound Auetlon Brldg? Thr iinrrrtain naait ftaes Be should be hrid m re- •ervte on the chatirc of making the second (Sub trick or of forcli M a I'-ad by Wait «p to tl M Haan trnace. After playing the Ace and Klnf of Diamonds .south tnatoad of e trick.s. HUforical Opera Sidfi Ptl at Col Ueum Tuesdays April 24 I ho liuling of Caesar In Jeru- salem, the grand historical opera that camcs to the Oo Useum next Tuesday, is founded on the history of Palestine, in the early days of Christ. 441 Mc CLUKJfr^ -^V Traoblent aud reaideotlal: eaatrai.


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