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Kerry washington dating who old fashioned dating rules

The youngest were in their late 20s when the public Internet was born.In 2001, educator Marc Prensky coined the term “digital immigrant” for those born before 1980 who can find technology foreign.Rather than downsizing, many empty nesters are snapping up second homes or moving into bigger quarters, seeking more prestige and space for friends and relatives to visit.For instance, the Lake Weir Preserve retirement community in central Florida offers custom homes with garages as huge as 3,000 square feet, to fit RVs, boats and classic-car collections. Such stories of big spending have dominated popular perceptions of boomers in their later years.

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It’s natural to assume they are healthier than the previous generation. “We have all these medical advances, fitness and technology.

They had more disabilities and higher rates of chronic diseases.

Just 13 percent of the studied boomers said they were in excellent health, compared with 32 percent of people from the previous generation.

Boomers were more likely to be obese, exercised less, and had higher rates of hypertension and high cholesterol.

If you want to see how unpopular the cohort unfortunately nicknamed the Me Generation has become, just Google “baby boomers selfish.” My search returned 147,000 results, including headlines declaring them “The Worst Generation Ever.” Detractors complain that boomers stay too long at their jobs and in their homes, not making room for the next generation, spending their children’s inheritances and running up debt.


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