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Joe jonas whos dating

“You realize that you’re not going to see each other all the time,” she said, and added, “And you don’t feel like a jerk when you’re like, ‘My publicist says I can’t do this …

in May about her romance with the musician, and shared a key element that makes their high-profile romance work.Adds the insider, “She’s young but is beyond her years and is crazy, crazy mature.He’s never been like this with a girl.” “He was such a dater before her but their relationship was much different from the start.The pair met when Jonas hosted the Miss USA pageant in 2013 and dated for two years before breaking up in 2015. He's a cute guy." Basically, she's not ruling anything out (good call Brewer. Jonas' 2014 single ' Jealous' was inspired by an experience he had with Culpo when a man stared at her "for a little bit too long". “She’s different from other girls he has dated.” The source added, “She’s the female equivalent of him and his family loves her too.” Turner later told the U.K.’s Now that Jonas and Turner are engaged, the singer’s family couldn’t be more welcoming to their new addition.Most recently, the typically private Chopra, 35, posted a shot of Jonas, 25, and her brother to Instagram, calling them her "favourite men".But while Jonas might be in Goa, India, meeting Chopra's family, his heart hasn't always belonged to the former Miss World winner.Although she admittedly likes to “keep things pretty private” in her personal life, she revealed what she found “easy” about dating Jonas.“I found it easier to date someone who understands the industry or is in that world,” she told the publication.


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