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Square brackets enclosing the author's name in a heading or the line representing the name ([ — ]) indicate that the work in question is anonymous. A catalogue of the original collection was published by Principal J. Pseudonymous works are entered under the author's real name when this is known, except in a small number of cases where the pseudonym is much more familiar and would be naturally looked for. Adamson under the title ' Auctarium Bibhothecae Edinburgenae, sive catalogus librorum quos Guiliclmus Drummondus ab Hawthornden Bibliothecae D. Philos.= Philosophy, philosophical, Philo- Bophie, philosophisoh. V^K Only the last three parts are dated, and these are not of the ' Nieuwe uitgaaf.' Aa (Pieter Jan Batist Carel Robid^ van der). Other official publications are to be looked for under their corporate authors. Liturgies and official publications of religious bodies are entered under the most familiar English form of the name of the body. The non-periodical publications of learned Societies are entered under these Societies. Appendices ad Hainii-Copingeri Repertorium bibliographicum. Cameron of Brodrick, presented by Sir WUliam Mackinnon, Balinakill, in 1889. — The collection of modem Greek books bequeathed by Professor John Stuart Blackie m 1895. — The collection of books on political economy formed by Professor William Ballantine Hodgson and presented to the University by his widow in 1880. — The collection from the library of the Celtic scholar, Dr.

Where the pseudonym consists merely of initials and the author's name has not been discovered, the entry is made under the title of the work ; when the authorship is known, a cross-reference has been made from the final initial to the full name. An index to the early printed books in the British Museum. In the case of incunabula detailed entries have not as a rule been made, but references have been given to the standard bibliographies where full descriptions of the works in question are to be found. The most important collections of this kind are : INTRODUCTION t H dement Litil. Commentaries on the Bible are entered under the names of the commentators. vi INTRODUCTION Library Catalogues of printed books are entered under the Library, but catalogues of manuscripts, descriptive catalogues of Natural history or other collections, etc., are entered under the name of the compiler. Local and charitable Societies and Institutions are to be looked for under the name of the place where they are situated. The books of the Bible are to be found under the general heading Bible, and are arranged in the order of the Authorised Version. University theses prior to the year 1800 are entered under the praeses, with a cross-reference from the respondent ; those of later date are entered under the respondent. When an author has changed his name, the later form is preferred for the main heading. The same rule holds good in the case of married women. — The collection of books on forestry presented by Major Sprot in the name of Dr. Forbes Beq.— The collection of boots on the Philippine Islands bequeathed m 1917 by Mr.


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