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The mix of melody and heartache is completely enthralling and absolutely fits with the story.I hope it's interesting and a little bit different, it's more "Blood Brothers" than "Fame" by Jane Lockyer Willis AN ENGLISH COUNTRY GARDEN ISBN: 9781840947472Obtainable from NEW THEATRE PUBLICATIONS, 2 HEREFORD CLOSE, WOOLSTON, WARRINGTON, CHESHIRE WA1 4HRTEL: 08 [email protected](On the website, look under Catalogue then tick the One Act box.The odds are against you if your age difference is over 15 years. As a general rule, the more is the age difference, the less is the chance it will last forever.Education, life goals and values all play a role and the more you have in common, the better is the relationship and the longer it will last.A small cast production, with an acoustic musical backing. It touches on hopes, dreams, alcoholism, depression and ultimate failure, a real barrel of laughs!But, it is held together and enhanced by a beautiful collection of songs from my favourite band Del Amitri.It is a one-set piece, again conceding to expense, and with backing tracks, requires no orchestra.

A young stranger arrives with a scar and a story to tell is all that it seems?

Facebook Message Drama Groups, Tweet @Drama Groups or email Outlook users Click Here or email to [email protected] 'Drama Groups - Scripts' - include author, website, socail media links, publisher, location, contact details, summary Don't forget to attach your photo and logo New plays available now at uk one-act festival plays, comedy dramas for both adults and youth groups More being added each month please take a look Bev Clark writes original play scripts for professional & community theatre.

performance licencing available for brand new works In The Ghost Crib, a family have kept a terrible secret for 18 years.

An English Country Garden is listed in this section.) OR to access the page direct: Click here Published by Lazy Bee Scripts Lazy Bee Scripts, 2 Wood Road, Ashurst, Southampton SO40 7BDTel: 023 802903120079 6681 [email protected] by Jane Lockyer Willis PUBLISHED BY NEW THEATRE PUBLICATIONS ISBN: 9781840947557CONTACT DETAILS: access page direct:

pr=761ADDRESS: 2 Hereford Close, Woolston, Warrington, Cheshire WA1 [email protected] Jane Lockyer Willis ISBN: 9781840947625 Published by New Theatre Publications CONTACT DETAILS: 2 Hereford Close, Woolston, Warrington, Cheshire WA1 [email protected] Jane Lockyer Willis A modern one act comedy about role playing and involving a princess who has a problem with her crown.


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