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Hindi old audio song 1995 2017 kickass torrents torrent

Unfortunately, the servers are having difficulty balancing the load of the absolutely huge amount of users on line at the same time.

Tech are on it and will no doubt have it sorted out as soon as possible.

Update: The site appears to have some technical issues, as it went down after a short while. Smith says that the overwhelming amount of traffic is causing the current issues.

“We’ve had a massive response from the torrent community!

They launched the forum as their new home and hinted that torrents could come back too, in the future.

Today is the big day as (KATcr) has now launched a fully operational torrent site, which looks identical to its predecessor.

Putting everything together took quite a bit of time, but the team wanted to make sure that everything is secure, which they are confident is the case now.

As a result, millions of people were left without their favorite torrent site.“We have all our major uploaders on board and they continued to share tirelessly even before the torrent engines returned.The torrent community can continue to expect to see uploads from all the names they know and trust,” the KATcr crew says.They point out that the site has a proper DMCA takedown procedure, just like You Tube, adding that they don’t store any copyrighted material on the site’s servers.“KAT is a community-based forum and a torrent search engine.The site starts with a clean user database but many members of the original staff are on board.“The majority of our original Staff, Admins and Moderation team joined us after went down – which is something we’re very proud of.Over the past months, many KAT copies and mirrors emerged claiming to be the real reincarnation.In reality, the original site is still gone, but with many old staffers and uploaders onboard, KATcr might have some legs.“We strongly believe the investigation carried out by Homeland Security and the IRS is unlawful in basis, targeting a foreign citizen and prosecuting them under US law.We have every confidence in the outcome of the pending legal action,” they say.


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