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An established company like Google must actively seek to increase diversity so that it can explore new perspectives that may give it an edge over its rivals.They cannot select on a purely meritocratic basis, because all measures of merit would be based on what the company is , not what it could be good at.everyone’s needs, save for a few weird outliers that you ignore because they make up 0.0001% of the population? To illustrate how this happens, let’s take a recent example from Facebook.

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Greedy algorithms, lazy evaluation, dynamic programming, recursive-descent, maximum flow, all of these are different ways to approach a problem. A problem that is difficult from one angle might be trivial when examined from a different angle.A deeply cynical part of me thinks the only thing these companies actually care about is looking good.A slightly more optimistic part of me thinks a bunch of well-meaning engineers are simply being stupid.Diversity inclusion programs shouldn’t try to hire more women and ethnic groups because they’re the same, they should be trying to hire them .When hiring someone to complete a job, you should hire whoever is the best fit for the job.Attempting to maximize diversity only comes at a perceived cost of aptitude if you are measuring the wrong things.If your concept of what makes a “good programmer” is an extremely narrow set of skills, then you will inevitably select towards a specific ethnicity, culture, or sex, because the tiny statistical differences will be grossly magnified by the extremely narrow job requirements.Launching a bunch of rich people into space doesn’t accomplish anything.Curing cancer for rich people doesn’t accomplish anything.So are white people and black people and autistic people and gay people and transgender people and conservatives and liberals and every other human being along every imaginable axis of discrimination. Whenever I meet a programmer who insists on doing everything a certain way, the chances I’ll hire them drop off a cliff.Just as object-oriented programming didn’t fix everything, neither will functional programming, or data-oriented programming or array-based programming or any other language.


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