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Requesting Princess Nofre fully naked being a total bitch at a glory hole:she torturing a poor and innocent dick.Please draw her pulling the balls of his victim in a way that he can't escape meanwhile she is trying to get the last cum drop from his dick(as when you want get the last ounce of a empty toothpaste)Requesting a napping Darcy (girl on the left in the second pic) unwittingly sucking the tip of a floating/disembodied penis covered in nutella, with a floating/disembodied hand crammed down her shorts (and presumably panties).There is cum dripping out of her pussy and a sign over her that reads "Mother's Day Breakfast".

Previously someone complained that /delicious/ didn't encourage constructive criticism.

I believe if someone does NOT want criticism, that is when it must be specified.

Otherwise it's a welcomed someone do a loli pic of carmen from carmen sandiego like the nude loli pic but when you do it can you have her have a whip in place of the gun and can you have her hat on and her gloves along with her trench coat but the coat will be open showing her nude with a dildo in her pussy and she will have her hi-heels on with the point of the heel pressing in to the guys balls and the flat part on his dick and he came on himself and can you have her saying i caught you player but dont worry im just going to play with you for a bit and i might even let you fuck me so be a good boycan someone do a pic of jade chan from jackie chan adventures where she is a harpy like the pic with the harpy in it where jade has black wings and she just laid some eggs with white goo dripping from her onto the eggs and she is holding one of the eggs up with some goo on it like the pic with the harpy where she is saying uncle jackie look i laid my eggscan someone do a pic of elaine narrowsmith from wakfu where she is peeing on a guys dick making him cum like the pic with the loli doing it but can you keep her bandanna on along with her earrings please and thank you8502It's not rude, critisism is always needed, I take it as advice. Compliments are nice, but saying"Yep, looks nice" is just as useless as saying "it's shit".

├ Posting references of character/s and positions also helps. ├ You cannot request -Add " DELIVERY" in the subject title. ├ You're free to deliver for request from past threads.

└ If you need to, only post one WIP per request to avoid clutter.- Constructive criticism is encouraged and have fun.- Please ask questions on the Da Rules / Meta Thread Requested K'hym from "Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths looking at her beautiful naked martian body in a full body mirror, so I can see her nipples, pussy and ass.


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