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You would be surprised how many problems can be traced to using a two synonyms or two similar spellings in fields so you can see the visual effect of various parameters.

For fine tuning, use a pixel ruler to measure precisely how many pixels you want to tweak the output.

If you style sheet works on any of them, you know it is not your fault.

However, you will have to do some fancy dancing to get something that will work on most of them. When you fix one thing, you likely will break something else. The value is taken as a vague suggestion as to the height desired.

Use FT_New_Face or FT_Open_Face to create a new face object from a given filepath or a custom input stream.

Use FT_Done_Face to destroy it (along with its slot and sizes).

Top Style will also let you scan your markup for undefined styles (often typos), orphan styles etc.

A feature of HTML 4 where you can specify your formatting in one place and have it propagated, e.g.

so you can decide in one place how all headings should look.

On the other hand, functions like FT_Load_Glyph and its siblings are thread-safe and do not need the lock to be held as long as the same ‘FT_Face’ object is not used from multiple threads at the same time.

See FT_Face Rec for the publicly accessible fields of a given face object.


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