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Do you send the wrong message in the beginning due to poor communication?Do you tend to attract the wrong people because you do not communicate who you are correctly?

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Dating/Life Coach Donna Dzwonkas will present this class via Skype, Meetup members will meet at Denise's house in South City.If your living room can hold 10-12 people let me know and you would not have to pay for the class.Please note I am scheduling individual coaching sessions during my visit.Additional services include: private photo shoots, improve your online profile, Selection/Screening process of online dating, Introductions made to like minded singles, set up dates for feedback and experience.After years of dating without becoming someone’s exclusive girlfriend, pining over a man I couldn’t have (at least not full-time), starring in a reality show, co-hosting a talk show, and writing a magazine column, New York City started to call me “the real-life Carrie Bradshaw.” I finally learned how to enjoy being alone; and then I met a wonderful man.Start taking action toward the life of your dreams!It’s all about your choices, your actions, your thoughts and feelings.My favorite part is helping people make better choices than I did.Donna Barnes is a New York University Certified Life & Relationship Coach, and specializes as a Breakup Coach.If you're not happy with your situation - YOU have the power to change it!You don't have to rely on fate or luck to bring you the perfect match.


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