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Trail asserted that the question came from his group chat and that it wasn't an opinion he believed in himself. The Washington linebacker often sends questions to his followers on the media platform, encouraging an open forum of sorts for discussions on debatable topics.

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I was kind of known before but now I can’t go anywhere,” he said. “Going in chains and trying to live wasn’t really on his agenda. Trail asserted that the question came from his group chat and that it wasn't an opinion he believed in himself. Making himself very clear, he posted a picture of his family with a resounding message in disagreement of Rick's views. Many of these men are in fact, college educated and middle-class and are otherwise pleasant people, but unfortunately, they too have allowed themselves to become contributors to the stigmatization based on false propaganda. It was an opportunity for me to express what the generation is feeling right now through my art. Jordan’s rumored preference for dating white women, and the actor’s response finally provided some clarity on the issue.“What about white women? Read below: It's still unknown whether the man was just a fan or an actual player himself.Nonetheless, it doesn't change the sentiment behind his both harmful and unfair views. ","excerpt":"A Miami Dolphins football fan gets vocal about his disdain for black women in a Facebook post.","submitted_on":"2017-03-20T.886Z","publish_on":"2017-03-20T.784Z","__v":0,"_edit Lock BY":null,"is Sticky":false,"created At":"2017-03-20T.886Z","updated At":"2017-03-20T.901Z","created_at":"2017-03-20T.886Z","updated_at":"2017-03-20T.886Z","deleted_at":null,"is Scheduled":false,"post_status":"publish","post_to_social":false,"listicle":[],"content":[,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,],"comments":[],"_series":[],"_medias":[],"_editors":[],"slug":"black-women-are-uncoachable-says-this-football-fan","categories":[,],"tags":[,,,],"wp_ID":"B1euxcp Til"}" Things got a bit heated on Lynden Trail's Facebook feed late last week, the Atlanta Black Star reports. He also revealed how his life has changed since he starred in the blockbuster Marvel film.“It’s insane. It’s incredible.” star took time to praise his constant director, Ryan Coogler, for writing his character’s most powerful lines. We just wanted to really get the essence of what Killmonger was trying to say,” he said. This way, are the one place you will be sure to find a single person. Killmonger what he was fighting for wasn’t too far from what the culture was feeling at the moment. Mentally going to that lonely place and being willing to do whatever it takes to free his people, was the more challenging part, but it was a lot of fun too.”Charlamagne took the opportunity to throw some shade about Michael B. That was a real liberating feeling for me,” he explained.“I spent a lot of time away from my family.


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