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I mean, what could be better than introducing your child to the joys of your life?

I reveled in the idea of sharing amazing foods, books, music and other experiences with my offspring.

But the more we watched, the more I would laugh and say, “This is just (aka TNG) that I’d sweep up on the DVR.

The old show was a bit too dark and cheesy for her tastes (though she did laugh through a few episodes), but, damn, she took to TNG right away, immediately loving the characters and story lines.

For me, it was all about experiencing Simone’s wonder at the loving manifestation of the novels — to be with her when she saw Ian Mc Kellen’s Gandalf for the first time, or the meticulous creation of The Shire, the home of her beloved hobbits.

Or — and this was so incredible to see with her — the appearance of the fire-winged balrog in the depths of the Mines of Moria.

The rescheduled date is almost a year after the original one, but it’s coming up this weekend. I am starting to feel a little uneasy, though, about shaping Simone into an unabashed geek wonder.

But the story is so exciting, the writing so descriptive and rich, and the characters so lovable that Simone couldn’t get enough of the book.

We didn’t even stop to breathe before we dove into the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, immersing ourselves into the warm glow of Middle Earth and embracing “Fellowship of the Ring,” reading it aloud together at every opportunity; less TV, more curling up on the couch or in a sunny patch on the carpet digging into chapter after chapter.

I’ve never pressured her to like what I like, but she is the child of two geeky, sci-fi-loving, pop culture-addicted parents, so she’s kind of wired to appreciate the cerebral, the outlandish, the edgy.

Simone never asked to listen to Justin Bieber or Hannah Montana.


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