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Dating old milk bottle

Perhaps the method I used with my youngest son will work for you.

Often, they’ll do so in a way that implies that if their way isn’t the ONLY way, it’s certainly the BEST way. By the time my eldest son was three years old, I was pretty convinced that I was an awesome parent. And no matter how much I stood my ground, he could stand (or crawl) his ground for longer.

The next night, I told a story about a little boy who went shopping on Dummy Day and bought a wooden train, and all the wonderful games he had with it.

When I’d finished, my son asked me when Dummy Day was.“Um…” I said, pretending to think about. You can’t use your dummy to buy toys on any other day of the year.”And so it went for the next six days.

Now, I’m not guaranteeing this will work for your toddler and bottles, but if nothing else does, perhaps something along these lines will help.

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