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Dating moving too quickly

It's honestly too early to tell if this will be a good relationship. On the other hand, if things are moving fast but you're both cool with it, that's a totally different story.It's okay to move quickly when you both agree that things feel right.It's okay to want to see a movie alone or go to a yoga class or just read a book all day when you have some free time.It doesn't mean that you aren't loved and that the relationship isn't going well. Is your new boyfriend going to invite you home with him for Christmas? Will he think that you're assuming things if you act like of course you'll be together?You're both having fun, and neither one of you wishes that you were spending more time alone or that you had more "me" time.You both feel like things are better than they were before and that it's the best luck ever to have met each other and to be dating.You have to maintain your other relationships, too, and those people are just as special and important. But many couples basically live together before that. It feels like living together without the actual moving day part of it.When you're practically living together three months in, it shows that you're really good together.

That's why you know that things are moving too quickly if, by the second week of your new relationship, you only see him and ignore your friends and family.

When the next holiday rolls around, you two will absolutely spend it together, and it'll be so nice to celebrate together and with your families. You're not at your own place a lot of the time, you're balancing all of the different parts of your life, and you're getting used to a new routine. When you feel like you don't have any time for yourself anymore and you miss the good old single days when you had lots of time alone, that's a sign that things are moving too fast.

You don't have time to binge watch If it's going well, then you don't care about that. On the other hand, when you two are spending lots of time together and have lots of common hobbies and interests, things are perfect.

Saying that you two are totally going to have kids someday and picking out their names before you've met each other's parents is definitely moving way too fast.

It's normal to think about what it would be like to get serious with someone and marry them and have children with them, but it's best to get to know each other's families first for sure.


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