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Season 23, Episode 33October 31, 2018A terrorist threat charge, a lie to the police and alleged slander to a parent consultant come into play when ex-lovers end their affair.

Also: A man purchases two cars as a project to bond with his teenage son; he accuses the boy's mother of withholding one of the vehicles.

Season 23, Episode 17October 16, 2018A man allegedly loses thousands when he tries to get into the house-flipping business; a woman says she can't sleep at night after being blindsided and attacked by large dog on a friend's property; and the Judge reprimands a father for allowing his ex-girlfriend to pay for back child support of a teenager that's not hers.

Season 23, Episode 16October 15, 2018A teenager enters into her first dog breeding contract only to be accused of abuse; her business partner admits that six of her own animals died.

Season 23, Episode 9October 4, 2018A woman can't keep up with costs to care for her beloved 20K show jumper; when the horse goes lame, she can't afford to keep him alive.

Also: A restaurant owner denies that one of her employees was deported after a used car sale goes bad.

Season 23, Episode 37November 2, 2018Two young boys are accused of bullying an allegedly unsupervised 4 year old and vandalizing a car with a branch.

Also: A woman discovers that her wages are being garnished to satisfy her husband's child support payments to his ex-girlfriend.

Season 23, Episode 20October 19, 2018A stylist sues her landlord after her property is stolen.

Also: A married couple sue a solar power salesman for damages after he allegedly trimmed their trees in order to install solar panels.

Season 23, Episode 19October 18, 2018A 00 customized fish tank is allegedly delivered damaged to its new owner; when he tries to get another tank, he's offered 0.

Also: A man accuses his ex-lover of fraudulently registering his car under her name; she said he gave the car to her.


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