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The pseudocode sometimes used to describe the pattern is somewhat close to Java and uses Camel notation for method calls, state and interface definitions.

Luckily the book is void of any humor that design pattern writers usually try to sneak in, and is just plain formal scientific boring writing with SAT-level vocabulary that we all grew to love while reading the Gang of Four series.

The second part is nothing more but a collection of 22 existing dating patterns.

This part of the book will be even more familiar to those who read the original Anyone who's ever been through UML or Design Patterns class will not have a problem with reading the pattern catalog.

Hopefully you will understand the danger of letting this knowledge out (hint: geeks who talk to attractive girls, date and get laid spend less time writing code, which could jeopardize some projects) and not recommend the book to everyone you know.

The table of contents is available online as well (in PDF format), and you can see that the book is subdivided into two large sections - introduction and pattern catalog.

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The collection (full list of patterns with appropriate poster is available from the official Web site) just provides the list of accepted solutions to common problems.The problem statements use clear language, allowing the reader to figure out whether he has the same problem (and thus should read the pattern to find out the solution) or move on to the next pattern.For example, the Jini Singles Bar pattern describes the following problem: You're a great catch, of course, and you're looking for someone smart, funny, beautiful, who can talk about rock-climbing, Slashdot, politics and 19th century Serbo-Croatian playrights.Many will attest that the API to the WOMEN platform is somewhat obscure, contradictory and poorly documented.However, if you talk to any randomly selected groups of men, you will discover that the problems they face (whether in Pickup or Relationship states) are fundamentally the same.Perhaps reading through all 22 patterns is an onerous task and should be left to those in academic world. Haugland's "advice" will not result in flocks of appropriate-sex singles following you out of every coffee bar, bookstore or tango lesson you happen to visit. However, the authors assure that the benefits of successful implementation outweigh the amount of resources that need to be dedicated. A couple of years ago, I went out to lunch with a bunch of employees at the rock-and-roll station where my brother used to work. We live in the age of pre-fab charisma, where mere money can buy you an artificially aged (right at the factory) Fender Stratocaster or a pre-stressed 50-mission flight jacket. And with a black leather jacket, the spurious risk-image of motorcycling can rub off on you without the inconvenience of learning which is the clutch lever or ever getting wet. Everyone wants a piece of the danger, but no one wants to get hurt.One of the younger DJs came with us, wearing a black leather motorcycle jacket of variety. We want authenticity to come easy, without too much stress or conflict. There was a time in America when symbols had real meaning, and the black leather jacket was a potent one. It’s the same color as dirty chain lube, seeping Harley gear oil, old Indian wheel-bearing grease, the underside of your Triumph and the blacktop upon which you knelt to examine the gaping connecting-rod hole in your BSA engine cases. If we could breed dies and junebugs without yellow-green innards, it would be perfect.It would also be nice if she were 24, between 5'6'' and 5'8'', of French extraction, interested in the songs of Owen Margolis, with dark long brown hair. is a collection of researched, verified, formalized and proven to work patterns.Of course, there are numerous pages of already available documentation with questionable applicability, as well as HOWTO's from open-source luminaries, but they provide neither the variety of patterns that this book has, nor the exact step-by-step implementations.


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