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Formal dictionaries don’t stay accurate for very long, and it’s literally an editor’s nightmare.

Wordnik’s solution is to be an interactive dictionary with free-range definitions based on actual usage.

“The book is not the right shape for a dictionary,” she maintained.

Erin saw the physical limitations of editors standing in the way of wondrously inventive words, like “bae” and “fleek,” and she wanted to set language free.

Points for using a three-syllable word, but bad spellers need not apply.

Spelling mistakes like “riviting” are distinctly unattractive to me — and I’m not the only single gal out there who feels this way.

They have also made their technology available to more than 20,000 software developers who have used their API to create educational apps as well as apps to cheat at Scrabble. Every day I discover a new word that I didn’t know existed,” said Erin Mc Kean, Founder of and proud lexicographer.

“When you think about words, you can make beautiful expressions from very humble parts.” In the spring of 2007, Erin Mc Kean, who’d worked as Editor-in-Chief for the American Dictionaries for Oxford University Press, gave a TED talk about the joys (and struggles) of lexicography.

The written word is a slippery thing, defined and shaped by the speakers, so the meaning of a single word can change dramatically over time.This site was made to capture the essence of the English language, one word at a time.The team gives readers the chance to view words from multiple angles through sample sentences, clear definitions, lists of synonyms, etymology, and visuals for over 8 million words. The right word can bring people together, just as the wrong word can tear them apart.What you say (and how you say it) can tell someone a lot about who you are.Whether you’re looking for a conversation starter or a particularly impressive word to keep in your back pocket on a date, this online dictionary can help.On Wordnik, you can direct your own word adventure, and the journey can help you make a memorable first impression.If you hanker after uncommon verbiage, or if you wish you could express yourself more clearly on a date, try browsing the extensive catalog of words housed by Wordnik.For many women, online dating means weeding out guys from overflowing inboxes.On the Define tab, example sentences accompany traditional definitions so readers understand both what the word means and how it’s used in books, newspapers, and articles.On the Relate tab, daters can keep their compliments fresh and unique by searching through lists of resplendent, stunning, and exceptional words.


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