Combobox validating cancel

Hello Jason, The validation that you are using for the validation summary is not a Kendo validation, it is the j Query validation.I assume this is happening because the input of the Combo Box is actually hidden input. If I hit the escape, the validation event fires and since the m Canceling is not True, the validation error gets displayed before the form closes. As far as the original validation issue, I started a new project (VB2005) and tried your approach It works except that pressing the Esc key still causes the validation event to fire. The gun was putting out a LF after the CR and in the Key Down event it showed up as a Keys. Validating If Not mbln Cancel Then Dim dte Date As Date Time If Date Time. I have come to the belief that the problem we are seeing with the escape key is a bug. -- Al Reid "Terry" Hi Al, Nearly 40 years for me since my first college FORTRAN IV class! Well, one of the keys you would not see in either the keypress or keydown events is the tab key, which of course will move the focus. The thing that this approach does not allow (unless I've one again neglected the obvious) is using the escape key to trigger the form cancel. Y Dim HWnd As Int Ptr = Window From Point(p) If HWnd = CType(Me. Handle Then Return True Else Return False End If End Function \\\\\\ -- Al Reid "Al Reid" I had tried all of that, *BUT*, I had neglected to set the button's Causes Validation to False. I reprogrammed the device to only send the CR and now the problem is solved. -- Terry "Al Reid" wrote: Well, I finally solved the barcode scanner problem. Cancel = True End If End If End Sub Private Sub Button1_Click(By Val sender As System. I just don't know what key code combination could direct focus to a text box control that should never receive focus since the Tab Stop property is false and there is no other code that sets focus to the textbox. Also in the docs on Key Down there is a mention of "Is Input Key" which I will have to look into. -- Terry Hi Al, There is another property at the form level that affects how this stuff works - Auto Validate.

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I have tried using the validation event but I seem to not begetting it. Private Sub txt Address1_Validating(By Val sender As Object, By Val _ e As System.

Does the problem exist if you replace the Combo Box with an Auto Complete widget (since it does not rely on a hidden input)?

This does have a list of possible values but also allows for editing.

But when you bind a Data Table, the object type will be Dara Row.

You have to provide a Data Row object to Combo Box.


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