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Indeed, human relationships are at the heart of human existence and its progress and naturally give rise to a sense of solidarity with others.Regardless of our ethnic, cultural, religious and ideological differences, all of us belong to the one human family." Read more at we strive to provide you with relevant and reliable information on this news blog, the views and opinions expressed in the news stories posted on this blog do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Amazing Discoveries.The actual celebration lasts three days, highlighting the beginning of a new year, family reconciliation, especially between brothers and sisters, and divine worship. In the message, signed by Card Jean-Louis Tauran and Father Miguel Ángel Ayuso Guixot, respectively president and secretary of the Pontifical Council, we can read, "In this highly competitive world where increasingly individualistic and materialistic tendencies adversely affect human relationships and often create divisions in families and society as a whole, we wish to share our thoughts on how Christians and Hindus can foster human relationships for the good of all humanity through friendship and solidarity." "Relationships are fundamental to human existence.Security and peace in the local, national and international communities are largely determined by the quality of our human interaction.But throughout India’s history, religious clashes have erupted regularly.And while Hindu-Muslim violence is often the bloodiest, Christians have also faced the wrath of Hindu militants.Hours later, Hindu mobs rampaged through villages in eastern India on Tuesday, attacking a Christian minister, damaging two churches and setting off Hindu-Christian clashes that killed at least one person.

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In short, the ability to foster respectful relationships is the measure of authentic human progress and essential for promoting peace and integral development." "Such relationships ought to flow naturally from our shared humanity.

The local government’s response to the violence after the Hindu priest’s slaying was halfhearted, and weeks later attacks are still flaring up. Hindu mobs attacked more than 20 churches and prayer halls in the southern state of Karnataka on Sept. There have also been attacks on Christians in the states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Madhya Pradesh.

Ramachandra Guha, a historian, sees the trouble – particularly in Karnataka – as a display of political strength by right-wing Hindus.

Vatican City (Asia News) - At a time of growing materialism, when the deepest spiritual and religious values are despised, Christians and Hindus can "work individually and collectively, with all religious traditions and people of good will, to foster and strengthen the human family through friendship and solidarity." Titled Christians and Hindus: fostering human relationships through friendship and solidarity, the message issued by the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue is meant for the world's Hindu community on the feast of Diwali.

Also known as Deepavali or 'row of oil lamps', the observance is celebrated by all Hindus to symbolise the victory of truth over falsehood, of light over darkness, of life over death, of good over evil.


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