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Company registration records show Kuairu was registered in May with a capital of 100,000 yuan.

Zhang Ji and Hao Xijie, both former Smartisan managers, are listed as its two directors, while Wang Li, a chief operating officer of Chinese dating app Momo Inc was listed as the sole owner as of May 9.

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Analysts say its rapid ascent, driven by Chinese internet users’ craving for alternatives to the ubiquitous We Chat, underscores just how fast China’s mobile internet landscape can change.It also does not allow voice messages and transcripts to be sent simultaneously, as Bullet does.Wang Guanran, a Shanghai-based senior analyst with Citic Securities, described Bullet’s key advantage as being “lighter” than We Chat.Chengwei and Gaorong did not immediately respond to a request for comment.NEW COMPETITION The rapid rise of Bullet serves as a wake-up call for We Chat, analysts say, which has seen no serious challenger in China’s mobile messaging world since it was launched in 2011.“The cycle of disruption in the Chinese internet space is getting much, much faster,” said Matthew Brennan, co-founder of tech consultancy China Channel.“There is an increasingly large amount of easy money chasing increasingly fewer opportunities, while there is also a very large pool of talented entrepreneurs now, so people know how to scale businesses fast — there is an established playbook,” he added.Some analysts have described Bullet Messenger as a potential challenger to Tencent Holding’s We Chat — although it lags far behind the Chinese super-app, which has more than 1 billion users.Bullet’s minimalist design stands out, as does a feature that instantly turns voice messages into a text as the user speaks, and sends each voice message with a transcript that can be edited.Luo Yonghao, CEO and founder of Chinese smartphone startup Smartisan, introduces a new instant messaging app Bullet Messenger during a launch event in Beijing, China August 20, 2018. Smartisan’s Luo said on his Weibo account, which has 15 million followers, that Bullet is simply providing a niche alternative to We Chat for users seeking faster communication. The bullet is still tiny and has a lot to prove,” said Brennan, who said it is “very, very difficult” to build a social network and make people stay.Fans of Luo and Smartisan, meanwhile, are cheering the app’s success as a comeback for the struggling smartphone maker.


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